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Affordable Sensor Measures Heat Distribution



East Hanover, NJ (USA) - Sensor Products Inc. presents Thermex®, a temperature indicating sensor paper (TISP). Since they reveal temperature distribution between any two heated contacting surfaces, TISP’s are a valuable aid in R & D as well as in QC/QA procedures for assessing heat distribution.  Applications benefiting from this innovative yet affordable technology include heat sealing bars, welding heads, clutch and brake assemblies, and many other industrial uses.


Senior technical manager Jeffrey G. Stark says, “Thermex® temperature sensor comes in the form of a large thin sheet, actually a paper. When placed between heated surfaces, the sensor instantly and permanently turns varying intensities upon contact.  Color variations between light blue to black reveal minute variations in temperature. Response time is 0.1 seconds or less, with heat detection ranges from 93° C to 149° C.”


As a non-destructive testing concept, Thermex® makes temperature distribution measurement simple and affordable. Its ultra-thin profile makes the sensor ideal for environments unable to accept traditional heat or temperature indicators. Available in 17” by 14” sheets, TISP’s can be trimmed with scissors to accommodate smaller applications.





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Temperature indicating sensor paper (TISP)



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