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MAGNETO 6.2 for 2D Magnetic Field Analysis


WINNIPEG, MB, Canada - Integrated Engineering Software (IES) announces the release of MAGNETO 6.2, the latest version of their 2D magnetic field solver software. Used for applications such as clutches, solenoids, motors, sensors, actuators, loudspeakers, transformers, magnetic shielding, circuit breakers and fuel injectors, MAGNETO 6.2's calculations include force, torque, flux linkage and inductance.


A new voltage coils/winding feature in MAGNETO 6.2 allows users to specify voltage excitation to calculate the current draw. A new energy/coenergy by region command can be used as an alternate method to calculate force and torque. A direct link to SPEED motor design software's brushless DC motor module allows users to launch MAGNETO from SPEED and automatically perform their analysis.


MAGNETO's Hybrid BE-FE Method combines the strengths of the Boundary Element (BEM) and Finite Element (FEM) Methods to provide faster and more accurate solutions. MAGNETO 6.2 features the addition of quadratic finite elements and angular periodic FEM. Quadratic finite elements are especially useful for cogging torque solutions and providing smoother field calculations.


General Enhancements

  • Multiple level Undo/Redo for geometry editing, rather than a single Undo function.

  • Highlight, copy and paste text from the Message Area into other programs, making review and analysis effortless and error-free.

  • Improved wording, a more efficient use of the Message Area and the ability to customize fonts and commands provide a more intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

  • Improved command line prompts let you know what command you're in and what it's asking for, especially helpful if you stop working on a model and return to it at a later time. 

Geometry, Modify and Analysis Menu Enhancements

  • Often brought in with DXF imports, tangent lines alter theregion recognition and can severely distort a model. The new Healing of Tangents function now heals them automatically, rather than the user healing them one by one.

  • Delete selected regions without deleting any segments that bound unselected regions, keeping attached geometry intact.

  • The Field Analysis Results dialog box now allows you to save your own default settings or restore the original settings. There is also a hierarchy allowing, for example, different display forms to have different default settings.

View and Utilities Menu Enhancements

  • View All Geometry sets the zoom level and scroll positions to display the entire geometry filling the workspace, making it easier to see big view areas in relation to a small model or where you want to see a field very far away from the model.

  • The ability to customize number displays when outputting to files or the message area. Select scientific or engineering, number of decimal places and exponent presentation.

  • If the Solver>Save Parametric Files option is unchecked, individual results files are not saved on the disk when a parametric is run. This can be useful for saving disk space if all the information you expect to need is present in the Parametrics Results Table.

As with previous releases of MAGNETO, version 6.2 features advanced modeling techniques linking directly to parametric-based CAD packages for true geometric representation of complex shapes. MAGNETO's parametric solver also allows designers to automatically vary and experiment with geometry, materials and sources, reducing the tedious, repetitive task of fine-tuning multiple design parameters.





Karen Medwid,

Integrated Engineering Software

220-1821 Wellington Ave., Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3H 0G4

Phone: 204-632-5636, fax: 204-633-7780

E-mail: info@integratedsoft.com



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