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Multi-Channel Transimpedance Amplifier Prepares Low Noise and Highly Sensitive Signal



The new MTI04CS/CQ signal amplifier from MAZeT GmbH has 4 channels integrated on one chip, enabling signal preparation for three-range colour sensors (including reference diode) in one component. This ability to set the transimpedance of the MTI04CS/CQ at 8 different levels gives the customer a wide area in which to accommodate all application requirements. Programming is carried out via three inputs and takes effect for all channels simultaneously, raising amplification settings to 8 levels in contrast to first generation equipment.


In order to activate various different photo diodes, it is possible to adapt the compensation of the transimpedance amplifier digitally in two stages (5pF and 80 pF) to the input capacity of those photo diodes. Input sensitivity is 4 times higher than that of first generation equipment. The lowest current measurement range is 25 nA. Its ability to convert photo currents to the set nA range makes the MTI04SC/CQ ideally suitable for use even with the smallest sensor signals.


The integrated power-down mode enables the MTI04CS/CQ to switch to energy-saving mode. If the MTI04CS/CQ does not need to be used for a short time, bias current consumption can be reduced to 8 A. The operating temperature range runs from -40C to +125C. These characteristics provide new usage opportunities for the signal amplifier, such as use in battery-operated measurement and control units.





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Transimpedance Amplifier MTI04CS





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