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Microbridge technologies

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Microbridge Technologies Launches Standard-Product Dual Rejustors in SOIC8 Configuration



Montreal, Quebec (Canada) - Setting the industry standard for analog compensation, Microbridge Technologies Corp., a privately held technology company, announced the availability of standard-product Rejustors in SOIC8 packages.


The Microbridge Rejustor is the world's first electrically-programmable resistor used to solve analog compensation problems in the analog domain. Rejustors are analog resistors, user-programmed to a fixed resistance with high precision and stability. These units can be adjusted hundreds of times and always maintain the last adjusted state even when placed in storage for extended periods. After trimming, these passive devices require no power to hold their value.


Rejustors are available in dual configurations (two Rejustors per package) for immediate shipment in sample quantities. Available products include:


  • MBD-472-ASOC - Dual 4.7Kohm Rejustor

  • MBD-103-ASOC - Dual 10Kohm Rejustor

  • MBD-153-ASOC - Dual 15Kohm Rejustor


Rejustor trimming tools, including the MBK-408 and Matchbox, are available to develop familiarity with the Rejustor. The MBK-408 performs in-circuit trimming, adjusting the resistance of the Rejustor to meet a desired target. Matchbox is used to trim the Rejustor to a specific resistance. Microbridge provides LabVIEW-based Rejust-it software to facilitate adjustment. Rejust-it software can be integrated with other instruments running LabVIEW to automate the trimming process.


Microbridge Technologies' key customers are solving compensation problems in temperature sensors, catheters, precision voltage-references and optical components. Today companies are working with the Rejustor technology for electronic calibration and conditioning, eliminating the workarounds of alternatives such as digital and analog potentiometers, laser trimming and digital conditioning.


"This is an important stage in the development of Rejustors. Today we can demonstrate the Rejustor as a viable solution for real-world problems.

Rejustor technology


Rejustor sumbol


Rejustor technology is entering volume production and ready for integration into semiconductor and MEMS processes," said Les Landsberger, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Microbridge Technologies.


Mike Foster, Microbridge Technologies' CEO added: "We now have the facilities in place to manufacture and deliver this award-winning technology using standard processes. Most of the analog world today uses resistive adjustment to perform calibration adjustment and setup. The Rejustor is a game-changing technology in the continuing challenge to find reliable products to perform analog adjustment. Rejustor samples provide low-cost, no-risk opportunities to explore and adopt this technology."





Tom Riedl

VP Sales and Marketing

Microbridge Technologies Corp.

Tel: (781) 715-1273

Fax: 1-888-Rejustor

E-mail: info@mbridgetech.com



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