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Infrared Sensing and Photo Detection Solutions for Critical Environmental and Human Health Applications



Nürnberg, Germany – Sensor + Test 2009 – PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader focused on improving the health and safety of people and the environment, has announced the introduction of four new products leveraging the Company’s innovative infrared sensing (IR) and photon detection technologies. Aimed at a range of OEM applications including energy conservation, enhanced home security, and clinical diagnostics applications, the new products have been showcased at the 16th annual Sensor + Test Fair taking place on May 2009 in Nürnberg, Germany.


New product and conference highlights will include:


  • Cool EyeTM Thermopile Line Array, designed for energy conservation and indoor climate control in today’s greener, smarter appliances. The new thermopile line array detector utilizes PerkinElmer’s IR sensing technology and provides energy savings of up to 30% for today’s HVAC applicati.

  • “Smart” DigiPyro®, PYD 1096, designed for safety and security applications. The new smart DigiPyro is a novel, dual-element pyrodetector offering enhanced signal processing functionalities to streamline OEMs’ integration.

  • “Mini” DigiPyro®, PYD 5731, a miniaturized version of the first digital pyrodetector (PYD 1998), designed for space-constrained safety and security applications.

  • Gigahertz Photon Detection Module (GPDM), designed for analytical and clinical diagnostic applications under low light level conditions. The new GPDM delivers the highest dynamic range available in a single operating mode and very low noise.

  • The unveiling of a new study quantifying the impact of PerkinElmer sensor technology on preventing loss of life and property.


“PerkinElmer’s product introductions at Sensor+Test 2009 leverage our core technology expertise in infrared sensing and photon detection technologies, and demonstrate our focus on OEM solutions that contribute to a healthier, cleaner, and safer tomorrow,” said Michael Ersoni, vice president and general manager of PerkinElmer global detection business. “We believe that PerkinElmer’s recent detector innovations are giving OEMs the design advantages they require for ggressively competing in today’s fast-moving markets.


Additionally, the Company did present a paper entitled, “New Channel Photomultiplier CPM Electronic Module Enables Fluorescence and Luminescence Measurement over Nine Decades including Single Photon Detection”. The paper is part of OPTO 2009, running concurrently with the Sensor +Test exhibition.

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Francine S. Bernitz

Global Marketing Director,

Tel.: 978.224.4321, Mobile: 781.789.3178

E-mail: Francine.bernitz@perkinelmer.com








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