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New Miniature Silicon MEMS IMU Launched



A brand new inertial measurement unit with SPI-bus digital interface has been launched at the Sensor+Test Exhibition in Nuremberg. DMU02 is a high performance 6 degree-of freedom IMU from Silicon Sensing comprising three of its silicon MEMS gyros and a 3-axis accelerometer, integrated in a 1-cubic inch package.


Multi-axis inertial sensing can be used in robotics, platform stabilisation and navigation. The DMU02 IMU provides simple mechanical and digital electronic interfaces. This together with the raw performance of the silicon MEMS gyros eliminates the need for external temperature compensation. The company supplies silicon MEMS gyros, particularly suitable for real-world applications where the ability to withstand the effects of shock and vibration are important.


More and more customers need multi-axis inertial sensing in their product design - with applications becoming ever more wide-ranging, from robotics through platform stabilization to navigation. DMU02 makes life easy for the designer by providing simple mechanical and digital electronic interfaces - a 'plug-and-play' 6-DOF sensor - and the raw performance of the silicon MEMS gyros means that he is unlikely to need external temperature compensation.


Over the last 10 years, Silicon Sensing has developed a world-leading reputation for the supply of silicon MEMS gyros, particular in real-world applications where the ability to withstand the effects of shock and vibration are of paramount importance. The DMU02 continues this tradition into the new marketplaces, enabling multi-axis inertial sensing in a single easy-to-use packege.


Eric Whitley, Business Development Excecutive at Silicon Sensing said: "This is an exciting development for Silicon Sensing. We've always had a top-drawer reputation for providing high performance sensors, which continue to perform in harsh real-world environments. Now, we are making so much easier for the designer to get to grips with inertial sensing and to discriminate his product in the marketplace."


DMU02 offers a simple-to-use sensing system for complete motion sensing and control in three-dimensional space. Using the new VSG4 MEMS ring gyro technology, the DMU offers unsurpassed accuracy and reliability in an affordable and compact package.  Angular rate (pitch roll and yaw) plus translational acceleration (longitudinal, lateral and vertical) data is supplied by the DMU02 every millisecond, meeting the demands of highly agile control systems. DMU02 is simple to mount via two screws and optional alignment dowels; power and signal are coupled via an 8-pin connector.





Chris Tear

Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd.

Plymouth PL6 6DE UK

Tel.: +44 1822 855819, mobile: +44 7879404892

E-mail: chris.tear@prdogs.com


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