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From Hot to Ice Cold in Less than 10 Seconds


Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH, the specialist for environmental simulation systems, will be unveiling the new TS 60 temperature shock test chamber. Temperature differences of up to 300 C prevail between the two separated temperature chambers, enabling the realisation of trials where test products can be subject to extreme thermal stress. The test chamber is designed for operation over even long periods of time and more than 1000 measurement cycles without maintenance interruptions or defrosting procedures.


A temperature shock test chamber is utilised to determine if a sudden change in temperature effects the ability of a specimen to meet the performance requirements expected of it in the long term and, consequently, whether it can be employed for safe and reliable operation. A further purpose is the targeted provocation of early failure without the mechanical and thermal stress limits of the design being reached. The service life expectancy of specimens can also be forecast during a test involving several hundred or thousand temperature cycles. Numerous test regulations and standards are met. In fact, many are already integrated in the software and can be directly selected for a test procedure conforming to norm requirements.


The TS 60 has a test chamber volume of 60 litres. The test chambers are positioned one above the other and distinguished by independent temperature control. The test basket loaded with the test specimen travels back and forth between the hot and cold chambers within a matter of seconds, ensuring a rapid and reliable test procedure.  A high air circulation rate and optimum air flow ensure that uniform temperature distribution is achieved inside the test chamber.


Maximum user-friendliness is guaranteed during operation by the 12 TFT-colour touch screen display and the tried-and-trusted S!MCONTROL* software package. Simulation programs and test results are saved on the hard disk and can be exchanged via Ethernet or USB stick. Control is realised by the 32-bit I/O-system S!MPAC*.


The test chamber is delivered as a turnkey unit. The hot zone can be viewed through a window, enabling optimum monitoring of the test specimen. It can be set for temperatures ranging from +50 C to +220 C. The cold chamber can be configured for temperature values between 80 C and +70 C.





Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH

35447 Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth,

Germany , Greizer Strae 41-49

Tel.: +49 6408 84-

Fax: +49 6408 84-8710

E-mail: info@wut.com

TS 60 temperature shock test chamber

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