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New $89.00 Model 6050 Accelerometer


Princeton Junction, NJ– Vibra•Metrics is pleased to announce the release of the completely new model 6050 vibration sensor. Standing only 1.5 inches high, the unit is constructed of 3166 stainless steel, with a welded hermetic seal, and a ¼-28 mounting stud. It has a 2Hz-20KHz frequency response (3 dB) with a 100 mV/g sensitivity. Regarding the product release, the Vibra-Metrics Sales and Marketing Manager, Scot Wlodarczak stated, “The 6050 accelerometer is a very significant addition to the Vibrametrics product line which lacked an inexpensive, general-use industrial accelerometer. The model 6050 sensor offers excellent frequency response, a tighter 100 mV/g sensitivity, and a very small size relative to competitive economy units”.  The unit sells for only $89.


MISTRAS Holdings Group trades under the names of Physical Acoustics around the globe, NDT Automation, Vibra-Metrics and Quality Services Laboratories, Inc. Leading the markets of Nondestructive computer-aided testing and inspection, the Group provides today's needed On-line Condition Monitoring of the world's Industrial and Public Infrastructure by employing Internet-based Data Acquisition information technologies. MISTRAS Holdings Group's products and services are used worldwide to secure the much needed environmental safety of gas and oil pipelines, petrochemical pressure vessels and storage tanks, strategic components of nuclear and fossil fuel plants, metal and concrete bridges, aerospace vehicles, and many other structures.

Model 6050 Accelerometer


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