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New Line of Low Cost, High Accuracy Laser Level Transmitters


Prairieville, LA - K-TEK, announced the SureShot family of low-cost, laser level transmitters. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant SureShot features a unique, all-digital design that delivers high performance for complex level and positioning applications. Using an advanced timing system and sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms, the SureShot is able to select true signals, even in the harshest of conditions. In addition, the SureShot architecture ensures users are up and running quickly because it requires no calibration or special configuration software.


K-TEK's SureShot is designed for level measurement and positioning applications that use pellets, slurries, opaque liquids, in bins and silos. It is priced at one-third to one-fifth the price of competing laser systems and is more accurate and flexible than similarly priced ultrasonic instruments. Two models are available - the SureShot 50 with a measurement range of 1 to 50 feet (0.3 to 15 meters), and the SureShot 30 with a measurement range of 1 to 30 feet (0.3 to 10 meters).


The SureShot is easily programmed with a Palm handheld device or a desktop/laptop personal computer. No special configuration software is needed. Convenient, portable mounting options allows users to position the laser in any direction. A stainless steel dust tube can be added for demanding chemical environments.


Laser Level Transmitter


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Director of Marketing K-TEK

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