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New Dual Channel Digital LVDT Readout and Setpoint Controllers



Pennsauken, NJ, March 17, 2004. Macro Sensors introduces two new six-digit, dual channel controllers for applications involving LVDT-based displacement transducers or VR half-bridge gaging probes. Economically-priced, the DMC-A2 Dual Channel AC-LVDT Controller and DMC-D2 Dual Channel DC-LVDT Controllers perform arithmetic calculations between two channels for T.I.R. measurements or differential measurement for use in production lines to automatically gage products for quality control and product sorting. In the power generation and petrochemical industries, these controllers can be used to provide servo position feedback on actuated equipment such as valves and dampers, or for measuring turbine case expansion. The Nema-4 front panel allows units to be used in marine and offshore mining applications.


Offering user-friendly operations, the digital controllers incorporate a scrolling display that actively prompts users to input information into the unit during specific set-up stages. Users can also view and program data to the controller through a computer using a GUI interface via RS-232 or TCP/IP communications.


Both the DMC-A2 and DMC-D2 Dual Channel Controllers feature:

  • Internal signal conditioning to provide the proper voltage for operating LVDTs.

  • Four independently programmable setpoints with eight selectable functions.

  • Microprocessor-based logic for digital position indication, linearization and cross-channel math functions. Input averaging and digital filtering. HI/LO limit detection.

  • Scalable analog output for use with data loggers, PLCs and computers.

  • Six-digit, scrolling 14 segment adjustable alphanumeric display.

  • RS-232 communications port standard for remote software setup and RS-232 output. Optional TCP / IP network capability.

  • Four independently programmable setpoints and four five amp relays with eight selectable functions and 6 alarm status annunciators.

  • Power is standard 120 V AC or optional 24 V DC.

DMC-A2 Digital Controller is provided with a standard analog output of DC voltage, optional scalable mA output or dual DC voltage outputs. The DMC-D2 Dual Channel DC-LVDT Controller provides proper voltage for operating any standard DC-LVDT. The DC LVDT input module of the DMC-D2 Meters is designed to drive the signals for two DC-LVDT transducers.


Both models are single or dual 16-bit isolated programmable and offer a RS-232 communications port standard for use with data loggers, PLCs and computers. Five, four-amp relays provide automatic output to external controls. Units can be fitted on a panel or used as tabletop instruments. An optional TCP/IP network capability supports multi-channel applications by permitting the interface of multiple units within an automation system.


Priced substantially lower than competitive units, the DMC-A2 Dual Channel AC-LVDT Controllers are priced at $925 per single unit, while the DMC-D2 units are priced at $975.00 ea. Quantity discounts available. For additional information, please contact Eileen Otto at 856-662-8000/e-mail: sales@macrosensors.com or visit our web site at www.macrosensors.com

DMC-A2 Dual Channel AC-LVDT Controller





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