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Wiring Simplified with Molding Pressure Sensors



Single wire technology for larger plastics molds use is now available from Kistler Instrument. Two improved pressure sensors extend the use of single wire conductors that replace coaxial cables. Kistler announced the advance with pressure sensors for small molding applications last year. This wiring mode speeds in-the-mold pressure sensor installation and simplifies the dress of wiring. Procedures such as shortening cables and attachment to connectors are accomplished quickly, without the need to solder connections. Push on connectors enable slipping in stripped wires to make connections.

Kistler pressure sensors 6157B, front diameter 4mm, and 6152A, front diameter 6mm, use this single wire technology with wire lengths up to 5m. These sensors are equipped piezoelectric elements and operate in the high impedance, charge mode. Compact sensor amplifiers that often are remotely located, can now be added to the mold or designed into the mold because of this wiring convenience. Once in a production sequence, any wire damage occurring during the molding process is more easily repaired.


Kistler is a worldwide supplier of precision instrumenta­tion for the measurement of pressure, force and acceleration serving the R&D, Industrial and OEM Communities.








Don Beehler,

Kistler Instrument Corp.,

75 John Glenn Drive, Amherst, NY 14228-2171,

Tel.: 716-691-5100, fax: 716-691-5226

E-mail: don.beehler@kistler.com

Kistler pressure sensors 6157B


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