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Calibrated and Compensated Single-Supply Digital RH Sensor



MEMPHIS, Tennessee Precon announces the HS-2000DD Digital Humidity Sensor. Based on the HS-2000 platform, this is the only RH sensor available that combines temperature compensation and factory calibration with single-supply digital communication capabilities.

The HS-2000DD operates with a single supply voltage of 2.0 to 5.5 volts and can draw its supply current from a standard microprocessor I/O pin.  The output format is standard serial at 9,600 baud.  No special support components are needed to interface this sensor to microprocessors.  Specifically designed for integration into control and monitoring systems, this sensor provides for simple and effective communication with microprocessors in OEM and custom systems.  In addition, the wide supply voltage range and low power consumption make this device ideal for battery operation.

The HS-20000DD combines capacitive-polymer sensing technology with a novel measurement method, eliminating the temperature correction and calibration processes required by typical humidity sensors.  This sensor is accurate to +/- 2% RH, exhibits unmatched chemical resistance and excellent stability from -30 to +100 C.


Precon, a division of Kele, Inc., manufactures high quality thermistor and RTD-based temperature sensors, probes and controllers, humidity sensors and controllers, integrated electronics and gas monitors. Precon is headquartered in Memphis, TN. For additional information contact:


Precon Divison of Kele, Inc.

Jerry Moran Sales & Marketing Manager

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Memphis, TN  38133

Tel.: (901) 388-9137,  fax: (901) 388-3051

E-mail: sales@preconusa.com




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