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DSLab Multichannel Data Acquisition System


The DSLab system includes transducers with compatible analog signals (mV differential, 5V, 10V, 4-20mA) that measure and transmit their analog signals to a mod. SAP digitizing electronics with up to 8pcs max. input channels (option up to 256 max. input channels).


Mod. SAP acquires the analog signals with high resolution (24 bit max. A/D converters), high sampling rate (up to 1 kHz max. allow to acquire slow and fast values) and   digitally retransmits the acquired values by means of CAN Open bus net to the computer USB port where DSLab acquisition software is installed.


DSLab acquisition software allows to show on a “strip-chart” all acquired wave forms at the same time. It is also possible to graphically analyze the values of the wave form points, to print them and to save the acquired values on computer hard disk as a TXT format file with timestamp, maximum acquisition time and channel names. Acquisition can be started and synchronized with software icon on screen as well as with timer or trigger on input channel.


DSLab can also be used to acquire values directly from CAN nets on board of machines and vehicles.


Typical applications: quality control on machines, research, automation, process control, weighing, tank leakage checking, medical applications, machine tools, civil engineering control of building and structures etc.





Dario Piardi

DS Europe S.r.L.

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DSLab acquisition software





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