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AMS Device Driver for M-Series Analog Sensor


MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has developed an Asset Management System (AMS) device driver for their model M-Series MR analog liquid-level sensor.The AMS driver allows easier access to internal data registers and provides unparalleled control of all devices on the network using advanced automation software.  The software enables the MR sensors to communicate directly with the control system by transforming the liquid-level data, as well as various other internal data registers, into a format that can be interpreted by the controller.


“Asset management systems are becoming increasingly popular in plant automation and storage applications because the persistent control of materials and goods can lead to increased output and significant cost reduction,” said Adrian Totten, liquid-level products marketing manager for MTS Sensors.  “With the AMS driver, our customers can now actively track the level in their tanks, perform preventive maintenance before there is a real problem with the system, and monitor the entire system from a wired Ethernet®  computer or online.”


Asset management systems are designed to collect data from the MR sensor, organize the data for various maintenance functions, and monitor the health of the sensor so action can be taken before there is a serious breakdown in the system. This results in reduced plant commission and loop maintenance costs, and decreased process downtime.


The MTS AMS driver works via HART ® (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) protocol contained in the 2 wire 4-20 mA signal line. HART is a two-way digital communication protocol that works with existing ‘smart’ technology to provide advanced feedback options and communication abilities. Since it is used with most 4-20mA signals, the MR sensor works extremely well when attached to a HART network.  Asset management systems have been developed for HART protocol to coordinate and monitor all the smart devices within the network so that it can be controlled from a single source.


With typical non-linearity of 0.020% and a repeatability of 0.01%, the MTS M-Series Model MR analog liquid-level sensors are some of the most accurate and affordable level gauges for the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous substances.  The sensors are maintenance-free with no recalibration is required.  The sensor has a gauge order length of 500mm to 12,000mm and an output of 4-20mA with HART-Protocol. The M-Series analog sensor has FM, CSA and ATEX safety approvals.

Asset Management System



Adrian Totten,

Product Marketing Manager

MTS Systems Corp.

Tel.: 919-677-2332

E-mail: adrian.totten@mts.com



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