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Programmable Hall Effect Based Sensor with Digital and PWM Output



Tradicionally, Magnetic Sensors´ performance has been challenged by components´ tolerances, thermal and magnetic fluctuactions which needed complex designs and circuitry to solve fluctuations in output signals. This could discourage OEMs from designing in these sensors.


The Programmable Hall Effect technology used by Piher is only sensitive to the flux density coplanar with the IC surface thus eliminating all those problems and enabling low-cost contactless sensors to be manufactured for extreme enviroments including the automotive and industrial markets.

Limitations of potentiometric solutions such as wear and limited electrical angle are overcome by this compact design, robust sensor which enjoys virtually endless mechanical life (maintenance free) and up to 360º electrical angle (without dead band).


The angular information output is selectable between Analog (12-bit), programmable pulse width modulation (12-bits) and Serial Protocol (14-bits signal + diagnostic). Furthermore full redundancy can be achieved by employing a dual core version or the simple placement of two sensors within the housing.


The fact that a configurable switch ouptput is integrated within each sensor and positive slopes & one negative slope can be programmed in the same transfer characteristic are never-seen-before features in conventional Hall Effect Sensors.


Typical applications for Piher contactless sensors are:

  • Non-Contacting long life angle/position sensor

  • Absolute Rotary Position Sensor

  • Industrial Joysticks

  • Marine sensors & controls

  • Brake Position Sensor

  • Throttle/EGR Valve and Gear Position Sensor

  • Height & suspension Sensor

  • Non-Contacting Potentiometer

  • Float-Level Sensor

  • Motor-shaft Position Sensor

  • Precision Robotics, industrial equipment and HVAC monitoring & control.



Programmable Hall Sensor



Antonio Beasain Aranda,


Tel: +34 948 82 04 50 (Ext. 215)

Email: antonio.beasain@meggitt.com





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