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Temperature Measuring Module for Use in Engine Compartments


March, 2008 IPETRONIK is expanding its proven M-Series measuring modules for use in engine compartments. The new modules the M-THERMO 16, M-SENS 8 and M-SENS 8plus offer the same functions as the modules to date, plus twice the number of channels and many extra functions. The M-THERMO 16 has 16 galvanically isolated analog measurement inputs for K type thermocouples. A special isothermal block with several PT100 elements mounted close to the measurement input jacks provide the cold junction compensation for each input. The input temperature measurement range is from 60 C to +1370 C and is digitized with a 16-bit analog/digital converter. In order to achieve maximum precision, the input is linearized using a lookup table. The dimensions of the compact M-THERMO 16 measuring modules are 204 mm x 54 mm x 41 mm (w x d x h). The M-THERMO 16 will operate from 40 C to +125 C with a protection class of IP67.


The M-SENS 8 and M-SENS 8plus modules have eight analog inputs for voltages from 0.1 VDC to 100 VDC or currents of 20 mA. The input covers 13 unipolar and 13 bipolar measurement ranges. Each input has its own adjustable sensor supply with max. 15 VDC at 25 mA. The advantage is that the user can operate sensors which require a bipolar supply voltage or a unipolar voltage of over 15 VDC, e.g. 20, 24 or 30 VDC. The M-SENS 8 and M-SENS 8plus measure 204 mm x 58 mm x 41 mm (w x d x h) h). As with the M-THERMO 16, the M-SENS 8 and M-SENS 8plus will operate from 40 C to +125 C with a protection class of IP67. In order to measure low voltages precisely, the M-SENS 8plus has a measurement input range of 10 mVDC, which gives the user the flexibility to measure exceptionally small voltages. The versatility of the M-SENS 8plus module makes it a very cost effective way to measure a strain gauge bridge device using a four wire measuring technique with very good accuracy and resolution.


A further innovation in these modules are status LEDs next to each input channel which provides the user with the following information:

  • Status of whether the channel allocation is correct: if a channel or several channels are marked in the software interface, the status LED next to the marked channel or channels flashes, giving the user a visual check whether he is accessing the right channel via the software.

  • Sensor fault recognition: The M-THERMO 16 employs a sensor fault recognition circuit, which indicates with a status LED next to the channel, whether the connection to the sensor (open) or the sensor itself has failed.

  • Overvoltage detection with the M-SENS 8 and M-SENS 8plus: if the output current from the sensor supply exceeds the maximum value, e.g. in the event of a short circuit or sensor error, the power limiter is activated and this is indicated by the continuous illumination of the associated channel LED.

Like all the devices in the M family, the three new measurement modules are designed for the harsh environment, typically found in mobile measurement technology applications in motor vehicles.

M-THERMO 16 measuring module


The power, 12/24/42 VDC, required to operate the M family modules is easily handled by the in-vehicle power source. Complete measurement configuration is easily done using Windows software. Measurement inputs and CAN bus data inputs are galvanically isolated.  The measuring modules have a new mounting mechanism, allowing them to be mounted in the new IPErack carrier system without tools.


Andreas Geh, Head of Sales & Marketing at IPETRONIK, commented: "The M series measuring modules are used anywhere where space is tight, where oil, dirt and high ambient temperatures make life difficult for traditional measurement technology. In addition to using them in engine compartments, our customers are also increasingly using the M-Series as a solution for multi-channel, compact systems in passenger areas or the trunks of vehicles. Increasing the number of channels in the M-THERMO and M-SENS combined with the extensive range of accessories and the introduction of channel LEDs mean that IPETRONIK systems, with well over 200 measuring channels, are compact, save energy and are clearly laid out in terms of both structure and operation."






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