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Triaxial TEDS Accelerometer with Industry-Exclusive, Patented Low Mass Design


Amherst, New York, USA – Kistler Instrument Corporation has announced the debut of Type 8688A, a globally patented (U.S. patent number 12,088,325) series of low-cost high-sensitivity IEPE triaxial accelerometers, with optional TEDS, designed to simultaneously measure vibration in three orthogonal axes.


Available in ranges of ± 5 g, ± 10 g and ± 50 g, with choice of 100, 500 or 1000 mV/g sensitivities, the Type 8688A IEPE triaxial range incorporates Kistler PiezoBeam® technology, with an integral ceramic cantilevered beam, enclosed within a lightweight (less than 6.7 grams for 1000 mV/g), robust, welded titanium housing. Sensing elements are designed to provide outstanding amplitude and phase response over a wide frequency range and are temperature compensated using Kistler’s own patented methods. Type 8688A sensors feature an integral low-noise charge amplifier that converts the charge signal to a proportional high level voltage signal, at an output impedance of less than 500 ohms. Units are ground isolated when mounted with a mounting clip or adhesive mounting adapter.


Type 8688A triaxial accelerometers offer an integral 4-pin connector, facilitating easy mounting and installation into space confined areas. Sensors may be mounted on any of three faces. The accelerometer operates directly from the internal power source found in most FFT analyzers, Kistler Piezotron® power supply couplers or any industry-compatible power source.


With its industry-exclusive low mass design, high sensitivity, high dynamic range and low noise operation, this precision triaxial accelerometer series is ideal for multi-channel modal and structural analyses of small components or subsystems, aerospace and automotive vehicle testing, and select general purpose vibration sensing applications, particularly those where mass loading may be a concern.









Chris Smyth

Marketing Manager

Kistler Instrument Corporation

Tel.: +716-691-5100

E-mail: chris.smyth@kistler.com

Triaxial TEDS Accelerometer 8688A






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