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German Sensor and Measuring Industry:Stable and Optimistic Market Review



Berlin, 1 March 2013 - The AMA Association for Sensor and Measuring Technology (AMA) polled its members on the economic development in 2012. The German sensor and measuring industry can look back to an overall stable year compared to the previous years of economic turbulence.


The annual revenues show a slight increase in turnover of one percent compared to the results of the year before. The overall outlook for the sensor and measuring industry seems to further brighten. Asked about expectations for the year 2013, the AMA members anticipate a growth in revenue of four percent plus. This confidence is reflected by the industry’s job market. In 2012 the member enterprises employed almost three percent more personnel and for the current year a further demand is expected. Short-time work in the sensor and measuring industry was not called for last year.


The industry is showing a propensity to invest. The AMA members made well over nine percent more investments in fiscal 2012 than in the previous year with its considerable investments closing with an increase of 16 percent. The sensor and measuring industry is expected to have a further increase in investments of well over two percent.


The stumbling block of the year 2012 turned out to be the exports to European countries. Germany’s European export quota dropped by five percentage points to 22 percent. The non-European export quota rose by four percentage points and was able to nearly compensate the losses in exports to other European countries.


“The sensor and measuring industry is and will continue to be a stable branch even during the economic ups and downs of the markets,” stated Thomas Simmons, Executive Manager of the AMA Association for Sensor Technology, commenting on the latest poll results. “Due to the growing technological challenges posed by the demand for renewable energy, increasing automation and robotics, our branch of industry is going into the new fiscal year with optimism. Domestic business is strong and will remain so. The export business will shift back more to overseas countries. Especially the Far East is relying on new technologies and is not able to satisfy the huge demand with its own production.”


Conclusion: The German sensor and measuring industry looks forward to the new year with optimism. The AMA members expect a growth in turnover of four percent. The industry also sees a positive development of the domestic market. Looking back to the previous years, the euro crisis was a stumbling block for the European export business, for exports overseas; however, the AMA Association sees the potential for growth.



About The AMA Association


The AMA Association for Sensor Technology (AMA) – linking innovators – The AMA is the most important network and representative of the interests of the key industry in technical innovations. The AMA is the first contact for sensor and measuring technology and provides a comprehensive overview of products and services in its industry directory. The AMA cultivates an innovation dialog among all individuals taking part in the process at the leading trade fair SENSOR+TEST, at community stands of important fairs worldwide, and at the top-rated science conferences SENSOR, OPTO, and IRS². The AMA training facilities offer qualification for high technologies in the area of sensor, measuring, and microsystem technologies.





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AMA Fachverband für Sensorik e.V.

Press and PR Officer

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