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The combined international SENSOR 2001 & TEST 2001 Trade Fair with 900 exhibitors from 31 countries on 25.000 square miters took place at May 8-10 2001 in Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany. This year the 10th SENSOR was expanded by the parallel event - TEST 2001 to involve an essential field of sensors and measurement instruments applications, and thus its biggest branch - automotive industry.


First of all it was very pleasure to see a lot of International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) members among exhibitors. In comparison to SENSOR' 99 the number of high technological products - smart sensors, sensor microsystems, frequency-time domain sensors and transducers with digital, frequency, period, duty-cycle output was increased at least up to 30 %. The feature is that the well known companies (brand names) as well as small companies feeling the ripened necessities have introduced on the market such products. And the time is right.


Acam booth at SENSOR' 2001

Motorola booth at SENSOR' 2001

Acam-messelectronic GmbH and MOTOROLA have introduced new high technological products



Exhibition at Glance


As rule, pressure sensors are one of most widespread. Dozens different companies have introduced a broad choice of such transducers at SENSOR ' 2001. The general tendency of such sensors and transducers manufacturing is accuracy increasing up to 0.01 %. A SensoNor company Capto exhibited the precision fully compensated and calibrated digital output pressure sensor AT2610-16A. The sensor uses smart techniques to correct pressure readings for temperature and linearity, achieving the typical error band 0.05 %. The module contains an aerospace-grade silicon pressure sensor for barometric pressure range, sensor interface electronics, a 21-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), EEPROM calibration memory and sensor signal processor.


SENSIRION AG introduced a new generation of differential pressure sensors – ASP 1400. The micro-machined silicon sensor element is seamlessly coupled to an amplification stage followed by an ADC. The sensor has integrated temperature sensor and standard digital serial interface (RS-232 and SPI). One more interesting products of this company are the fully integrated relative humidity and temperature small size sensor system AH31 with calibrated digital output (SPI)  and micro-machined digital output (RS-232 and SPI) mass flow sensor ASF 1400.


TRAFAG GmbH exhibited pressure (COP250) and temperature transmitters with CAN-bus, suitable for real-time industrial applications. So, developed at the beginning of the 1980’s by Bosh for automotive applications, CAN bus is becoming more and more popular for different sensors and transducers.


Another widespread type of sensors widely presented at SENSOR’ 2001 were rotational speed sensors and rotary position encoder devices. The AS5020 magnetic rotary encoder device in small 8-pin SOIC (SMT) package is the latest addition to the innovative range of products offered by Austria Mikro Systeme International AG. The absolute positional information is accessed via a 3-wire Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI).


The sine/digital angular encoder (iC-NG) was demonstrated at iC-Haus GmbH booth. As opposed to standard ADC, the output value of sine/digital encoder which works on the basis of compensation is proportional to the phase of the input signal.


The fully integrated, high performance digital CMOS image sensors (MCM20014 and MCM20027) with features such as integrated timing, control, and analog signal processing for digital imaging applications were exhibited at MOTOROLA booth. Both are digitally programmable via I2C interface.


After long-time researches in area of intelligent chemical sensor arrays - electronic noses, industrial samples at long last have been appeared  in the sensors market. One of them – portable electronic nose PEN2  was demonstrated by WMA Airsense  Analytics GmbH. It is small, fast and robust identification systems for gases and vapors. Single compounds or mixtures of gases can be recognized after a “training” step. With its variety of pattern recognition algorithms the system can be adapted to a broad range of applications. The sensor array consists on 10 single thick film sensors of different metal oxides. The system has parallel port for data transmitting.


Euroswitch Italy booth at SENSOR' 2001

MikroMasch booth at SENSOR' 2001
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Individual approach to client is main principle of Sensors Web Portal Inc.

IFSA Vice President Dr. Sergey Y. Yurish (photo (a), right and General Manager Mr. Ihor L. Myshkin (photo (b), right) are informing exhibitors about Sensors Web Portal services


Speaking about chemical and gas sensors it is necessary to make mention about madIR – microprocessor controlled CO2 sensor based on infrared light absorption from Madur Electronics (Austria) The sensor is equipped with digital serial output (RS232, M-bus or CAN-bus) as well as linear analog output.


Because of frequency-time domain sensors become more and more popular, there is a necessity in specialized devices for measurement and conversion of such sensors output. Different kind of variables can be represented in frequency-time signal domain. For the further conversion of such signal to code it is necessary different precision frequency- or time-to-digital converters as an alternative to traditional ADC for further data acquisition or manufacturing on its basis digital output sensors.


Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) from Acam-messelectronic GmbH was exhibited at SENSOR’ 2001. A TDC converts time intervals into digital values at high resolution. There are two types of TDC: 2-channel Time-to-Digital Converter TDC-GP1 and 8-channel converter TDC-F1. The first one has 125 ps resolution and 200 ms measurement range. The converter offers a standard 8-bit bus interface that allows to use the TDC-GP1 as a simple peripheral circuit to a microcontroller. Additionally, the converter offers four ports to measure capacitors, resistors or inductors with  16 bit precision and up to 20 000 measurements per second. The TDC-F1 has resolution down to 60 ps and measuring range up to 7.8 ms.


One more surprise was given to the visitors by a handheld multimeter manufacturer. FLUKE introduces to the market analog/digital multimeters of 187/189 series. It can measure frequency with accuracy 0.005 %. At long last multimeters were transformed from frequency indicators to frequency measurement instruments. And the time is right...



10 Hot Top Products at SENSOR' 2001


It was really difficult task to choose best products during exhibition. A lot of different criterions were taking into account including product "intelligence" and how it was introduced during SENSOR' 2001. Following winners were chosen by International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) experts. Congratulation ! 


1.   Time-to-Digital Converter (TDC) (Acam-messelectronic GmbH)

2.   Color Digital Image Sensors MCM20014 and MCM20027 (Motorola)

3.   Intelligent Chemical Sensor PEN2 - Portable Electronic Nose (WMA AIRSENSE Analysentechnik GmbH)

4.   Pressure transmitter COP250 with CAN-bus (Trafag GmbH

5.   Sensor CO2 madIR (Madur Electronics, Austria)

6.   Pressure Sensor ASP 1400, Humidity Sensor AH31 and Mass Flow Sensor ASF 1400 (Sensirion AG)

7.   Precision Digital Output Pressure Sensor AT2610-16A (A SensoNor company Capto, Norway)

8.   Sine/Digital Angular Encoder iC-NG (iC-Haus GmbH)

9.   Magnetic Angular Position Encoder with Serial Interface (Austria Mikro Systeme International AG)

10. Multimeters 187/189 Series (Fluke)      



What is Farther ?


The exhibition is finished. It has helped to some exhibitors to find customers and partners, for others, it is possible has not justified hopes. But  all  exhibitors are thinking: what is farther? Wait for next SENSOR in 2003, to take part in Sensors Expo or what’s else? A lot of exhibitors are dreaming about biggest sensor trade fair with dozens thousands visitors per day, with a lot of very targeted halls for pressure, temperature, optical, etc. sensors and a lot of buyers. Is it possible today ? Probably not, may be in the future... But why wait so long time ? Stop dreaming ! It is today’s realities ! What is a biggest and best place to present your products, find partners and buyers ? The answer is INTERNET. Welcome to Virtual  Sensors & Transducer Exhibition ! It is working during whole year, open every day (and night) and guarantees thousands visitors per day from world-wide. Don’t miss it. Nothing is older than yesterday’s products and yesterday’s marketing strategy for today’s products. According to Forrester Research despite of little fallout of interest to Internet advertising, the expenditures for it in 2001 only in Europe will grow at an annual rate of 70 %  to reach about 1.2 milliard EURO. 


Sensors Web Portal opens first Virtual Sensors & Transducers Exhibition and proposes the following services: virtual booth design, e-commerce for your products and services, ads, visitor notification and much more. Click <here> for more information. Show must go on ! 




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