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With its latest product range PSM can claim to have a sensor for virtually every level and tank gauging application, even those in the harshest situations. Included are units with integral electronics or with remote amplifiers for applications where access for routine calibration is difficult.


The 260 series has been designed for liquid level measurement, in the marine, food processing, pharmaceutical and heavy industries where it will cope with seawater, oils, corrosive fluids and food products. Also, it will tolerate at least a five times overload without damage while still being sensitive enough to measure in shallow tanks.


The submersible sensor is maintenance-free and contains no active electronic components. A factory-sealed cable, which has a heavy-duty outer sheath suitable for continuous immersion, can be supplied in the required lengths for direct connection to the 4-20mA amplifier unit.


Suitable for simple applications in most industries, the 500 series is a compact, mass optimized design with good low range sensitivity and accuracy, and high overload tolerance. It has integral electronics is and available in a choice of corrosion resistant materials together with a choice of standard process connections. Gauge and absolute versions are available.


Units are made to PSMís ISO 9001 standard. They are certified intrinsically safe and carry type approval where required. PSM also supply the Minder series of monitoring and data acquisition units and Tankview for Windows, a PC based graphical monitoring package adding up to a complete packaged solution for tank gauging.


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