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Color Sensor Board "Colorimeter 2" MTCS-C2



Jena, Germany, April 25, 2006 - MAZeT GmbH will showcase at SENSOR+TEST 2006 in Hall 4, Stand 264 in Nuremberg from May 30 to June 1, 2006 a new color sensor board. The new "Colorimeter 2" MTCS-C2 offers a hardware solution for the measurement of active light sources such as LED mixed color control. As an additional highlight, MAZeT will present the recently introduced multi-channel transimpedance amplifiers MTI04CS/CQ. The new JENCOLOUR signal amplifier is particularly suited for use in preparing signals from sensors with current outputs.


In addition to its IC solutions, MAZeT now offers a board-level solution, MTCS-C2 (Colorimeter 2), based on its MTCS component range. Apart from the color sensor IC, the MTCS-C2 board also integrates the complete signal processing, including the interface and measurement control and can be adapted during a design-in project. The following components are integrated: MTCSiCS true colour sensor, MTI04CQ transimpedance amplifier, a microcontroller with 10-bit A/D converter and a USB interface as well as an EEPROM. The supply voltage for the board is provided via the USB interface.


Whereas earlier version ICs of the current MTI signal amplifiers were designed mainly for use to connect photo diodes of small array and row sensors, such as JENCOLOUR color sensors, the new MTI04CS/CQ are designed for a wide range of application requirements. The advantages, such as multiple channels, programmability, higher sensitivity and greater bandwidth, make the MTI04CS/CQ ideal amplifiers for opto arrays and rows in the UV, VIS, NIR and IR regions. This is also true for typical applications such as industrial sensor technology (light grid, length, filling level, position, thickness and distance measurement), equipment for surface analysis and temperature measurement (thermal imaging, combustion supervision), detectors for alpha, beta, gamma and x-rays and ions as well as applications for measurement, regulation and control of light and laser sources.





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Color Sensor Board "Colorimeter 2" MTCS-C2





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