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Sound Level Meter with Extended Capability to Measure Wind and Rotational Speed



Provo, UT – A firmware upgrade for this very popular Real-time Analyzer/Sound Level Meter, Model 824, permits the measurement and storage of data associated with wind conditions or, alternatively, values of velocity or rotational speed associated with a test object.


The capability to measure wind speed and wind direction along with sound level data is a very useful feature for environmental noise monitoring, since wind can strongly influence the propagation of sound. In addition to providing values of average and maximum wind speed, wind direction data is provided in the form of percentages associated with each of the eight major compass points. Further, the user can configure the system to inhibit the accumulation of sound level data when the wind speed exceeds the level at which the generation of “pseudo-sound” due to airflow over the microphone will result in  erroneous measurement data.


This same feature can be used with other transducers which output a pulse train whose frequency is proportional to the measured parameter such as the velocity of a vehicle or the rotational speed of a shaft.


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Sound Level Meter, Model 824


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