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PDA Displays Vibration Spectrum Analysis Using Accelerometers



CAMPBELL, CA, -Two Datastick Vibration Spectrum Analyzers, the VSA-1227 and VSA-1247, are the first ruggedized PDA-based instruments for vibration analysis using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) displays for ICP® accelerometers, announced Datastick Systems, Inc. New Datastick Spectrum software for spectrum analysis with Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) displays was also announced.


The VSA-1227 provides 2 analog input channels and the VSA-1247 provides 4 analog input channels. When combined with the appropriate Datastick software, they become complete PDA-based multipurpose instruments for vibration analysis and analog data acquisition using a variety of ICP sensors. The VSA-1227 and VSA-1247 come with Datastick Spectrum software for vibration analysis and Datastick Connection Lite software for general-purpose data acquisition.


The VSA-1227 and VSA-1247, used with Datastick Spectrum software and ICP accelerometers, display Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) snapshots in thirteen selectable ranges up to 0-5 KHz, at a single-sided-spectrum resolution of up to 1024 points, with nine windowing options. In addition, the software provides tools for inspecting specific points in the display, as well as computing differences in amplitudes at recorded frequencies. The VSA instruments are used in applications in industrial automation, plant maintenance, field testing, machine health, and more.


The VSA instruments run on the base unit, the rugged Meazura(TM) Palm Powered(TM) handheld from Aceeca, Ltd. Dustproof and water-resistant IP67 standards, the unit is designed and constructed to withstand a 4-foot drop onto a concrete floor. It has the full functionality of a handheld running Palm OS 4.1.2, including the ability to use business applications, keep addresses and phone numbers, take notes, etc.


The VSA-1227 and VSA-1247 come with a choice of serial or USB cable for charging and syncing to a Windows pc. Recorded data is downloaded to a pc at the touch of a button by means of Palm's HotSync technology. Then, with the Datastick Reporting System(TM) software, included with Datastick Spectrum, measurement data loads into a special Excel spreadsheet with one mouse-click on the pc.


In addition to spectrum analysis, the VSA instruments provide general-purpose data acquisition with up to four single-ended analog inputs at 12-bit resolution. Four other Datastick software titles provide general-purpose data acquisition using a variety of ICP sensors. Datastick Connection Lite software is included.

ibration Spectrum Analyzers VSA-1227/47











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