Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 61, Issue 11, November 2005: Product News

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Updated Color Sensor Evaluation Board



MAZeT offers updated colour sensor evaluation board MTCS-ME1. Modern software for JENCOLOUR(R) colour sensor evaluation board MTCS-ME1 now available. The MTCS-ME1 is now available in a new design and with new functions. "We couldn't bear to hold back details of the new evaluation board features from our customers until the Autumn 2005 trade fairs, e.g. VISION." says Dr. Winfried Mahler, head of optoelectronic distribution at MAZeT GmbH. Going by the name 'modEVA-Software', the customer receives an expanded software package that combines the following innovations in firmware update FWRev2.2x and SWRev1.42:

  • Optimised communication via USB

  • Additional display of L*u*v* values

  • Firmware extension to cover RS-232 interface

  • Activation of measurements via keys on the board

  • Variable adaptation of graphics up to full ADC range

  • Adjustable measurement delay


The MTCS-ME1 delivery package includes a digital base board with USB interface (alternatively IІC or RS-232), a range of different application-specific sensor boards as plug-in modules with light sources, sensors and amplifiers and PC software for sensor calibration, and measured value display (RGB, xyz, xyY, CIE Lab, L*u*v*).





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Color Sensor Evaluation Board





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