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Tri-Colour Multi-Function Indicator Suitable for Wide Range of Control and Measurement Applications


Vydas International Marketing has announced the release of the new MICRA-M multi-function TRI-COLOUR digital indicator, extending the range of their Kosmos digital panel meters. These new instruments manufactured by DITEL, offer the latest technologies and multi-function capabilities in the new MICRA series and are suitable for a wide range of industrial control and measurement applications.


The new Ditel MICRA-M is a multifunction indicator/controller which is programmable by front panel buttons or software for Load Cells, Process and Temperature. It has a large bright TRI-COLOUR display with programmable colours which may be chosen from GREEN, ORANGE and RED for each phase of measurement, programming or alarms. With a Display 19999 (4Ѕ digits), the instrument is easily scaleable and offers TARE, PEAK/VALLEY and FILTER functions, as well as 12 user programmable logical functions. The power supply is a universal type (85-265 Vac/100-300 Vdc) or alternatively low tension (21-53 Vac/10.5-70 Vdc), The new MICRA-M offers the possibility of three simultaneous output options. Contact: with two relays, four Relays, four optocoupler PNP type or four optocoupler NPN type. Communication: with RS232C, RS485 (MODBUS RTU Protocol) and Analog Outputs: 4-20 mA or 0-10 V. The instrument is totally configurable from the front panel or from a PC with free set up software and offers a resolution of 15 Bits and segments linearization (10 segments).


In addition, FREE Ditel Capture software has been developed for the family of Kosmos digital panel meters fitted with appropriate output card interfaces and allows connection for 1 to 32 different models including PICA100-P, MICRA_S, ALPHA_S, BETA_S and KAPPA. This new data acquisition software is the perfect simple solution to monitor and control any industrial process (and its subsequent analysis), which requires data to be recorded and a graphical representation of its data. The MICRA-M multifunction instrument will eventually replace MICRA-P, C and T, as now all in one instrument, users will have the full benefits of previous models as well as additional features.

Tri-colour multi-function indicators





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