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New Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters Feature All-Digital Design


Chicago, IL (October 25, 2005)- K-TEK announced at ISA 2005 the new MT5000 Series of Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitters. Designed for use in a variety of harsh environments, such as oil & gas processing and power generation, the series includes the MT5000 Liquid Level Transmitter and the MT5100 Level and Interface Transmitter. Both devices feature an integrated graphic display for quick and easy viewing of waveform screens. A concentric waveguide directs the radar beam, alleviating divergence problems and echoes from tank walls and surrounding structures. In addition, the devices are unaffected by variations in specific gravity due to temperature or pressure changes, and accurate level measurements are provided even with widely varying temperatures and pressures: up to 5000 psi (344 bar) or 800oF (427oC). The MT5100 also features a patent-pending interface weak signal detector that is able to detect the possible presence of a rag layer before emulsions can become a problem.


The MT5000 Series features an all-digital design that delivers speed and accuracy in a compact unit. Built-in linearization functions allow users to minimize the unmeasurable or "dead" zones that can occur at the end of probes. While competitive products assume standard dead zones, all MT5000 Series devices incorporate a linearization table that can also be used for tank strapping.


The MT5000 Series includes an integrated graphic display with waveform screens that detail signal activity. Configuration and commissioning are quick with easy-to-follow setup menus. Multiple menu languages are supported- English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Mandarin - for deployment around the globe. The waveform screens can be used for fine-tuning transmitter operation or for troubleshooting.


With displacers or DP transmitters, measurement is dependent on specific gravity, which varies with temperature and pressure. This results in varying accuracies. By design, the Guided Wave Radar of the MT5000 Series measures level independent of specific gravity and therefore is unaffected by temperature or pressure changes. A wide selection of waveguide coupler and probe options allows the MT5000 series transmitters to measure level even in the presence of saturated steam, and in high temperature or high pressure hydrocarbon applications.

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