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Fast Oxygen Sensor for Gas Analysis



Sentronic presents the SentrOxy OEM GC 212 PFT fast oxygen sensor for gas analysis. Now it is in size-optimised version and robust electrical signal line. The main advantages of the optical oxygen sensor are the fast response time below 50ms, the usability direct in the mainstream and the possibility to change the contaminated sensitive cap. The new version offers now a size optimisation. Off course it is possible to use this technology for other application like intensive care. The sensor is adapted on an complete pulmonary diagnostic system to determinate of static and dynamic lung volume, the capnogram and a real-time oxygram.


SentroCube mobile customised laboratory spectrometric analyser - series SentroCube is a mobile, small size system basis for laboratory analysers in the clinical chemistry. The system based on a longtime stabile, more robust and very fast technology of diode array spectroscopy and is an ideal platform for users and manufactures of analysis devices. The possibility to analyse faecal fat in stool for malassimilation diagnostics and several other applications are possible.


SentrOxy OEM L 3202 WA is a robust standard sensor for liquid media. This standard- model is predicted to analyse dissolved oxygen in watery media over a large range under laboratory conditions. The used measurement technology offers best signal resolution at lowest oxygen concentrations.




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