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Submersible OEM Transmitters Measure Low Liquid Levels from 0.5 m H2O



Sensortechnics’ new KTE2000CS submersible OEM pressure sensors offer precision hydrostatic low level measurement from only 50 mbar (0.5 m water column) Full Scale. The KTE2000CS series consists of highly accurate capacitive ceramic pressure cells in a rugged stainless steel construction. They feature excellent long term stability and are compatible with many corrosive and aggressive liquids.


The KTE2000CS transmitters are calibrated and temperature compensated from -20…+70 °C and provide a 4...20 mA output signal. A special cable with an integrated vent tube allows a true reference pressure to the sensor element and eliminates errors due to atmospheric pressure changes. The sensor is protected against environmental conditions to the IP68 standard and withstands overpressures of up to 10 times the rated pressure.


Important features of the new KTE2000CS series are:

  • Low liquid level measurement from 50 mbar (0.5 m H2O) Full Scale

  • Capacitive ceramic pressure cells in a rugged stainless steel construction

  • Excellent media compatibility

  • High overpressure resistance


Because of its excellent media compatibility Sensortechnics’ submersible KTE2000CS transmitters can be used for a wide range of OEM level control applications. Typical examples include industrial level measurement in tanks and liquid containers as well as water level measurement.






Andrea Gebhard

Marketing Assistant

Sensortechnics GmbH

Boschstr. 10,

82178 Puchheim, Germany

Tel.: +49 89 80083-48

Fax: +49 89 80083-33

E-mail: andrea.gebhard@sensortechnics.com


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