Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 48, Issue 10, October 2004: Product News

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Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter with Search Function



Sparing-Vist Center, Lviv, UA has introduced the personal gamma radiation dosimeter with search function DKS-02P for control of unsanctioned transference of radioactive materials and search for radiation sources. The dosimeter measures gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rates.




  • "SELDI" gamma radiation detector (CsJ - scintillator-photodiode).;

  • Audio and vibration signaling:

  •      - of excessive programmed threshold levels of dose rate;

  •      - of each registered gamma-quantum;

  • Automatic setting of measurement intervals (2 to 1 second) and ranges;

  • External earphone and miniature vibrator; Digital display with backlight;

  • Two nickel-cadmium AA size batteries;

  • Indication of power supply discharge.

Measurement range and main relative errors:

  • Gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rate (137Cs): 0.05300.0; 15% (Sv/h);

  • Energy range of registered gamma and X-ray radiation and energy response, (MeV): 0.053.0; 25%;

  • Maximal measurement time, 2 s;

  • Discrete programming of threshold levels of audio or vibrating alarm - up to unit of a programmable discharge;

  • Time of continuous operation from battery, 100 hours;

  • Operating temperature range, C, -10+40;

  • Weight, 0.25 kg;

  • Dimensions, 127x72x35 mm


Complete delivery set includes: -dosimeter DKS-02P 'CADMIUM'; earphone; miniature vibrator; leather case with a clip; operating manual; packing case; battery charger.

Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter DKS-02P


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Pelishok Iryna, 

Head of Sales Department,

Sparing-Vist Center,

33 Volodymyra Velykoho St.,

Lviv, 79026, Ukraine

Tel.: (380-322) 64-24-23, 297-11-15, 64-77-93

Fax: (380-322) 64-89-85



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