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Accurate Humidity / Temperature Measurement Module



The EE03 is an inexpensive, highly accurate, temperature and humidity measurement module for OEM applications that communicates via a two-wire digital protocol. Originally designed and manufactured for the automotive industry, this device has excellent long-term stability and is ideal for a wide range of applications that require remote or embedded RH and temperature measurements.


The EE03 plug-in module design also allows for ambient air monitoring or measurement of surface humidity and temperature to detect near-condensation (dew point) conditions. For applications in salt air or harsh environments, the EE03 is also available with an optional protective coating. 


The EE03 features an embedded microprocessor that retains calibration data, and provides a full-range, temperature corrected humidity output. The simple E2 digital protocol used by the EE03 allows for low-cost integration with other devices utilizing microprocessor based control or monitoring.






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EE03 Series Humidity / Temperature Measurement Module


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