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Fiber Optic Incremental Rotary Encoder for Harsh Environments


Newbury Park, California, – Micronor’s new MR312 ZapFreeTM Incremental Rotary Encoder (patent pending) is the world’s first commercially-available, entirely passive encoder for rotation sensing applications. There are no integral electronics within the encoder housing and the all-optical design requires just a single optical fiber connection – the utmost in simplicity, reliability and ease of installation. The MR312 offers immunity to lightning and atmospheric static that would “zap” conventional encoders; outdistances copper cable by allowing link lengths to 1000 meters (3280 feet); its inert nature proves ideal for use in hazardous and explosive environments; and its intrinsic EMI/RFI resistance allows for safe and reliable operation in and around medical equipment and other “noisy” industrial environments.

ZapFree by Micronor represents the application of fiber optic technology in a novel and ingenious way to maximize sensor and transducer performance in a wide range of industrial, aerospace and other harsh environments. Every ZapFree product embodies the fundamental advantages of using fiber optics - EMI/RFI resistance, passivity, light weight and the ability to transmit high data rates over extremely long distances. The design of the MR312 rotary encoder goes one step further by utilizing telecom-proven WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) technology by assigning each internal optical path to a wavelength so that all wavelengths/paths can be combined onto a single fiber. It was deliberate to avoid the use of multiple fibers as this tends to drive up the cost of the optical harness. A single-fiber cable is inherently more cost effective than any multi-wire or multi-fiber or hybrid cable assembly - and easier to handle and install as well. It doesn’t get any simpler.



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MR312 Rotary Encoder


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