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½ inH2O mV Output Pressure Sensor



All Sensors Corporation of Morgan Hill, California has announced the release of a ½ inH2O Full Scale Millivolt Output Pressure Sensor. This announcement marks the first ½ inH2O Millivolt Output Pressure Sensor released to the market. Obtaining a ½ inch measurement from a millivolt device has become possible utilizing proprietary All Sensors’ CoBeam2™ Technology. The ½ inch device is an addition to the existing family of 1 to 30 inH2O Millivolt Output Pressure Sensors. The ½ inch device offers 2x the sensitivity of the 1 inH2O device which provides higher signal to noise for the most demanding low pressure applications. For the first time customers can now obtain ½ inch pressure measurements from a millivolt output device. This pressure range has traditionally only been available as an amplified device. This millivolt pressure sensor offers accurate, low pressure measurements at a more affordable price point. The entire ½ to 30 inH2O pressure sensor family is RoHS compliant.


The sensors are offered in a pc board mountable package with two pressure ports. Seven pressure ranges are available from ½ inH2O full scale to 30 inH2O full scale. The dead volume to each pressure port is matched for superior common mode response.


The sensors are available with a millivolt output proportional to either gage or differential pressure. Output offset errors are significantly reduced by electrical cross coupling compensation employed within the sensor. Position sensitivity is virtually immeasurable by utilizing proprietary All Sensors’ CoBeam2™ Technology.


Ideal applications for this device are medical breathing (Lung function, Respiratory monitory, Sleep diagnostics, and Drug delivery systems), HVAC, and process automation.






Dan DeFalco

All Sensors Corporation

16035 Vineyard Blvd.,

Morgan Hill, CA 95037, USA

Tel.: 408 225 4314,

Fax: 408 225 2079

E-mail: ddefalco@allsensors.com

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