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Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector Features Breakthrough IR5 Technology



Vibro-Meter, Inc. has introduced the most advanced infrared (IR) flame detector available for today’s demanding fire detection applications. The Omniguard Model 760 Multi-Spectrum IR5 senses infrared radiation in five discrete infrared (IR5) wavelengths for early fire detection of both hydrocarbon and certain non-hydrocarbon-based fires. The Omniguard Model 760 Multi-Spectrum IR5 detects unwanted fires and outputs alarm information via relay, current loop, or MODBUS over RS-485. The Model 760 utilizes the Omniguard patented Fire Event Analysis algorithm for rapid-fire detection and superior false alarm immunity.



General Features:

  • Factory Mutual, ATEX, and CSA approved

  • Field selectable sensing levels

  • Advanced self diagnostics, through-the-lens clarity checking

  • NEMA 4X

  • Five year warranty

The Model 760 automatic self-test function monitors the detector’s ability to sense fires and reports a fault condition when impaired. The self-test feature also eliminates the need for an external test device. The standard Model 760 is enclosed in an explosion-proof, powder coated, copper-free aluminum housing but can be ordered in a stainless steel enclosure as well. Swivel mount kits are available for either enclosure.


Applications for the Omniguard Model 760 IR5 Flame Detector include aircraft hangars, refineries, petrochemical plants, power generation sites, and flammable liquid and gas storage facilities. The Model 760 is also particularly well suited for hydrogen fire detection applications.





Alan Wall,

Vibro-Meter, Inc.

Tel.: 603-669-0940

E-mail: alan.wall@vibro-meter.com




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