Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

     ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 18, 3-4



Date: June-August 2007



Experimental measurements of velocity and pressure distributions on a large broad-crested weir
Pages 107-113
Carlos A. Gonzalez and Hubert Chanson
ISO flow measurement standards — Report on the ISO/TC 30 meeting in November 2006
Pages 114-120
Michael Reader-Harris
PIV measurements of flow through a sudden contraction
Pages 121-128
C. Ozalp, A. Pinarbasi, M.S. Fakilar and B. Sahin
Turbulence statistics of flow due to wave–current interaction
Pages 129-138
B.S. Mazumder and Satya P. Ojha
An image analysis technique for the study of gas–liquid slug flow along vertical pipes — associated uncertainty
Pages 139-147
T.S. Mayor, A.M.F.R. Pinto and J.B.L.M. Campos
Observations of velocity conditions near a hydroelectric turbine draft tube exit using ADCP measurements
Pages 148-155
Christopher B. Cook, Marshall C. Richmond and John A. Serkowski
Flow field of a triple-walled gas-sampling probe with sub-cooled boiling effect
Pages 156-165
Leiyong Jiang, Shaji Manipurath, Gilles Bourque and Michel Houde
Particle analysis by transmission fluctuation spectrometry with temporal correlation in multiphase flow
Pages 166-174
Jianqi Shen, Bin Yu, Yamin Xu and Xiaoai Guo
An examination of BS3680 4C (ISO/DIS 4369) on the measurement of liquid flow in open channels — flumes
Pages 175-182
Hoi Yeung

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