Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 19, 2



Date: April 2008



1. Investigation of the exploitation of a fast-sampling single gamma densitometer and pattern recognition to resolve the superficial phase velocities and liquid phase water cut of vertically upward multiphase flows
Pages 57-66
Stephen Blaney and Hoi Yeung
2. An X-ray system for visualizing fluid flows
Pages 67-78
Theodore J. Heindel, Joseph N. Gray and Terrence C. Jensen
3. Nonlinearities in ultrasonic flow measurement
Pages 79-84
M. Willatzen and H. Kamath
4. Research on vortex signal processing based on double-window relaxing notch periodogram
Pages 85-91
Dandan Zheng and Tao Zhang
5. Shallow DOF-based particle tracking velocimetry applied to horizontal bubbly wall turbulence
Pages 93-105
Jian Huang, Yuichi Murai and Fujio Yamamoto
6. Response of a swirlmeter to oscillatory flow
Pages 107-115
Jiegang Peng, Xin Fu and Ying Chen
7. Application and evaluation of LS-PIV technique for the monitoring of river surface velocities in high flow conditions
Pages 117-127
M. Jodeau, A. Hauet, A. Paquier, J. Le Coz and G. Dramais

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