Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 19, 6


Date: December 2008



1. Editorial Board
Page IFC
2. An image reconstruction algorithm based on the regularized total least squares method for electrical capacitance tomography
Pages 325-330
Jing Lei, Shi Liu, Zhihong Li, H. Iñaki Schlaberg and Meng Sun
3. Comparison of turbulent flow over solid and porous structures mounted on the bottom of a rectangular channel
Pages 331-337
J.M. Leu, H.C. Chan and M.S. Chu
4. Measuring of compressed natural gas in automotive application: A comparative analysis of mass versus volumetric metering methods
Pages 338-341
Furio Cascetta, Giuseppe Rotondo and Marilena Musto
5. A dimensional analysis of two phase flow through a horizontally installed Venturi flow meter
Pages 342-349
Richard Steven
6. Experimental investigations of Strouhal number for flows past dual triangulate bluff bodies
Pages 350-357
Jiegang Peng, Xin Fu and Ying Chen
7. Measurement of the fluid flow rate with use of an elbow with oval cross section
Pages 358-363
Lukasz Malinowski and Kazimierz Rup
8. Measurement of the acoustic velocity characteristics in a standing-wave tube using out of phase PIV
Pages 364-369
Kamran Siddiqui and Majid Nabavi
9. A micro flowmeter based on the velocity measurement of a locally accelerated thermal flow in an upwardly directed Hagen–Poiseuille flow
Pages 370-376
H. Koizumi and M. Serizawa
10. Analysis of the turbulence in the suction chamber of an external gear pump using Time Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry
Pages 377-384
R. Castilla, J. Wojciechowski, P.J. Gamez-Montero, A. Vernet and E. Codina
11. New developments in Gibson’s method for flow measurement in hydro power plants
Pages 385-390
Edson da Costa Bortoni
12. Imaging of mixing of two miscible liquids using electrical impedance tomography and linear impedance sensor
Pages 391-396
Jari Kourunen, Ritva Käyhkö, Jouni Matula, Jari Käyhkö, Marko Vauhkonen and Lasse M. Heikkinen
13. Development of a fully automated soap flowmeter for micro flow measurements
Pages 397-403
S. Lashkari and B. Kruczek
14. Investigation of flow resistance in smooth open channels using artificial neural networks
Pages 404-408
A. Bilgil and H. Altun

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