Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 21, 1


Date: March 2010



1. Editorial Board
Page IFC
2. Segmentation and classification of streaks in a large-scale particle streak tracking system
Pages 1-7
Marcus Rosenstiel, Rolf-Rainer Grigat
3. Integration of impedance measurements with acoustic measurements for accurate two phase flow metering in case of high water-cut
Pages 8-19
Mahmoud Meribout, Nabeel Al-Rawahi, Ahmed Al-Naamany, Ali Al-Bimani, Khamis Al-Busaidi, Adel Meribout
4. Identification of oil–gas two-phase flow pattern based on SVM and electrical capacitance tomography technique
Pages 20-24
Lifeng Zhang, Huaxiang Wang
5. Digital imaging measurement of dense multiphase flows in industrial processes
Pages 25-32
Markus Honkanen, Hannu Eloranta, Pentti Saarenrinne
6. Sensorless measurement of pulsatile flow rate using a disturbance force observer in a magnetically levitated centrifugal blood pump during ventricular assistance
Pages 33-39
Chi Nan Pai, Tadahiko Shinshi, Akira Shimokohbe
7. Modeling of Coriolis mass flow meter of a general plane-shape pipe
Pages 40-47
Guirguis Samer, ShangChun Fan
8. Determination of velocity and angular displacement of bubbly flows by means of wire-mesh sensors and correlation analysis
Pages 48-53
Dietrich Hoppe, Alexander Grahn, Peter Schütz
9. Non-disruptive and null-deflection mass flow measurement by a pressure compensation technique
Pages 54-61
U.R. Prasanna, L. Umanand
10. Investigating the effect of magnetic pipes connected to electromagnetic flowmeters using experimentally validated finite element models
Pages 62-69
Torben Amby Christensen, Morten Willatzen
11. Fast forward problem solver for image reconstruction by nonlinear optimization in electrical capacitance tomography
Pages 70-77
Waldemar Smolik


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