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      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 21, 3



Special Issue: Validation and Data Fusion for Process Tomographic Flow Measurements,
Edited by Masahiro Takei and Tony Peyton


Date: September 2010



1. Editorial Board
Page IFC
Special Issue: Validation and Data Fusion for Process Tomographic Flow Measurements
2. Preface
Page 171
Masahiro Takei, Tony Peyton
3. Galerkin boundary element method for the forward problem of ERT
Pages 172-177
Yaoyuan Xu, Feng Dong
4. Fabrication of microchannel with 60 electrodes and resistance measurement
Pages 178-183
Je-Eun Choi, Masahiro Takei, Deog-Hee Doh
5. A novel tomographic sensing system for high electrically conductive multiphase flow measurement
Pages 184-190
Jiabin Jia, Mi Wang, H. Inaki Schlaberg, Hua Li
6. High-resolution gas–oil two-phase flow visualization with a capacitance wire-mesh sensor
Pages 191-197
M.J. Da Silva, S. Thiele, L. Abdulkareem, B.J. Azzopardi, U. Hampel
7. Description of the silo flow and bulk solid pulsation detection using ECT
Pages 198-206
Krzysztof Grudzien, Andrzej Romanowski, Zbigniew Chaniecki, Maciej Niedostatkiewicz, Dominik Sankowski
8. Relation between segregation patterns and granular flow modes in conical rotating drum
Pages 207-211
Hirotaka Yada, Toshihiro Kawaguchi, Toshitsugu Tanaka
9. ECT measurement and CFD–DEM simulation of particle distribution in a down-flow fluidized bed
Pages 212-218
Tong Zhao, Masahiro Takei, Deog-Hee Doh
10. Effectiveness of rotatable sensor to improve image accuracy of ECT system
Pages 219-227
Zhijian Liu, Laurent Babout, Robert Banasiak, Dominik Sankowski
11. Electrical resistance tomography coupled with differential pressure measurement to determine phase hold-ups in gas–liquid–solid outer loop bubble column
Pages 228-232
Haibo Jin, Yuhuan Han, Suohe Yang, Guangxiang He
12. Dual-plane ultrafast limited-angle electron beam x-ray tomography
Pages 233-239
M. Bieberle, E. Schleicher, F. Fischer, D. Koch, H.-J. Menz, H.-G. Mayer, U. Hampel
13. Gamma-ray tomography applied to hydro-carbon multi-phase sampling and slip measurements
Pages 240-248
Erik Magnus Bruvik, Bjørn Tore Hjertaker, Anders Hallanger
14. Tomographic KT-1 signature of phase-fraction distributions in multiphase bubble columns
Pages 249-254
S. Gulati, M. Behling, P. Munshi, A. Luke, D. Mewes
15. Advanced three-dimensional multiphase flow simulation in porous media reconstructed from X-ray Microtomography using the He–Chen–Zhang Lattice Boltzmann Model
Pages 255-261
C.L. Lin, A.R. Videla, J.D. Miller
16. Pore-scale visualization of gas trapping in porous media by X-ray CT scanning
Pages 262-267
Na Zhou, Takuya Matsumoto, Takahiro Hosokawa, Tetsuya Suekane
Regular Papers
17. Air–water two-phase flow measurement using a Venturi meter and an electrical resistance tomography sensor
Pages 268-276
Zhenzhen Meng, Zhiyao Huang, Baoliang Wang, Haifeng Ji, Haiqing Li, Yong Yan
18. Maximum entropy regularization method for electrical impedance tomography combined with a normalized sensitivity map
Pages 277-283
W.R. Fan, H.X. Wang
19. Phase inversion in liquid–liquid pipe flow
Pages 284-291
Jerzy Hapanowicz
20. Experimental and numerical simulation of flow in a 90°bend
Pages 292-298
M. Naji Abhari, M. Ghodsian, M. Vaghefi, N. Panahpur
21. An alternative formulation of the standard orifice equation for natural gas
Pages 299-301
Diego E. Cristancho, Luis A. Coy, Kenneth R. Hall, Gustavo A. Iglesias-Silva
22. Evaluation of hot-film, dual optical and Pitot tube probes for liquid–liquid two-phase flow measurements
Pages 302-311
F.A. Hamad, S. He
23. Scour and three dimensional turbulent flow fields measured by ADV at a 90 ° horizontal forced bend in a rectangular channel
Pages 312-321
Abdul Karim Barbhuiya, Sumit Talukdar
24. Particle image velocimetry studies around a rectangular body close to a plane wall
Pages 322-329
Cahit Gurlek, Besir Sahin
25. Head geometry effects on pneumatic three-hole pressure probes for wide angular range
Pages 330-339
K.M. Argüelles Díaz, J.M. Fernández Oro, E. Blanco Marigorta, R. Barrio Perotti
26. Step-down procedure of sonic nozzle calibration at low Reynolds numbers
Pages 340-346
Jae-Myoung Lim, Bok-Hyun Yoon, Seok Jang, Hae-Man Choi, Kyung-Am Park
27. Characterization of slug flows in horizontal piping by signal analysis from a capacitive probe
Pages 347-355
Emerson dos Reis, Leonardo Goldstein Jr.
28. Ultrasonic detection of moving interfaces in gas–liquid two-phase flow
Pages 356-366
Yuichi Murai, Yuji Tasaka, Yuichi Nambu, Yasushi Takeda, S. Roberto Gonzalez A.
29. Normal and critical depth computations for egg-shaped conduit sections
Pages 367-372
Rajkumar V. Raikar, M.S. Shiva Reddy, G.K. Vishwanadh
30. Measurements of wall shear stress in horizontal air–water bubbly flows
Pages 373-381
Yuliang Su, Mingyuan Zhang, Xianran Zhu, Qihui Hu, Yanhong Geng
31. Simultaneous measurement on gas concentration and particle mass concentration by tunable diode laser
Pages 382-387
F. Wang, K.F. Cen, N. Li, Q.X. Huang, X. Chao, J.H. Yan, Y. Chi
32. Mathematical modelling of gas bubbles and oil droplets in liquid media using optical linear path projection
Pages 388-393
Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Yusri Md. Yunos, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Herlina Abdul Rahim
33. Electric spark discharge as an ultrasonic generator in flow measurement situations
Pages 394-401
Emil Martinson, Jerker Delsing
34. Ultrasound Doppler system for two-dimensional flow mapping in liquid metals
Pages 402-409
Sven Franke, Lars Büttner, Jürgen Czarske, Dirk Räbiger, Sven Eckert
35. High GVF and low pressure gas–liquid two-phase flow measurement based on dual-cone flowmeter
Pages 410-417
Fusheng Zhang, Feng Dong, Chao Tan
36. Discharge characteristics of sharp-crested circular side orifices in open channels
Pages 418-424
A. Hussain, Z. Ahmad, G.L. Asawa
37. Particle velocity detection and measurement in two-phase flow using combined electronic logic system and LDA technique
Pages 425-433
N. Sad Chemloul, A.E.K. Benmedjedi

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