Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 21, 4



Date: December 2010




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Analytical calculation of the measuring error of an electromagnetic velocity probe caused by a side channel wall
Pages 435-442
L. Hu, J. Zou, Z.C. Zhu, X. Fu, X.D. Ruan, C.Y. Wang



Analysis of flow distribution from high-speed flow actuator using particle image velocimetry and digital speckle tomography
Pages 443-453
H.S., Ko | S.J., Haack | H.B., Land | B., Cybyk | J., Katz | H.J., Kim



Salinity and flow regime independent multiphase flow measurements
Pages 454-461
C. Sætre, G.A. Johansen, S.A. Tjugum


Further investigation into a water flow rig related to calibration
Pages 462-475
Takashi Shimada, Dharshanie V. Mahadeva, Roger C. Baker


Flow characteristic of the horizontal cylinder placed on the plane boundary
Pages 476-487
M. Sami Akoz, Besir Sahin, Huseyin Akilli


Uncertainty evaluation procedure and intercomparison of bell provers as a calibration system for gas flow meters
Pages 488-496
Hae Man Choi, Kyung-Am Park, Youn Kyun Oh, Yong Moon Choi


Effect of asymmetric actuator and detector position on Coriolis flowmeter and measured phase shift
Pages 497-503
Stephanie Enz


Pressure effects on Coriolis mass flowmeters
Pages 504-510
Tao Wang, Yousif Hussain


Quality check of wire-mesh sensor measurements in a vertical air/water flow
Pages 511-520
Matthias Beyer, Dirk Lucas, Johannes Kussin


An EKF based estimation scheme for sedimentation processes in vessels using EIT-type measurement data
Pages 521-530
Ahmar Rashid, Anil Kumar Khambampati, Bong Seok Kim, Sin Kim, Min Jae Kang, Kyung Youn Kim


Influence of diffuser angle on discharge coefficient of sonic nozzles for flow-rate measurements
Pages 531-537
C.H. Li, X.F. Peng, C. Wang


Dynamic characterization of a high speed gamma-ray tomograph
Pages 538-545
R., Maad | B.T., Hjertaker | G.A., Johansen | Ø., Olsen


Analytical integration of the equation of gradually varied flow for triangular channels
Pages 546-549
Ali R. Vatankhah

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