Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 22, 1



Date: March 2011




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Experimental investigation of zero phase shift effects for Coriolis flowmeters due to pipe imperfections
Pages 1-9
Stephanie Enz, Jon Juel Thomsen, Stefan Neumeyer


Electromagnetic inspection of a two-phase flow of GaInSn and argon
Pages 10-16
Nataša, Terzija | Wuliang, Yin | Gunter, Gerbeth | Frank, Stefani | Klaus, Timmel | Thomas, Wondrak | Anthony, Peyton


Free overfalls in flat-based circular and U-shaped channels
Pages 17-24
Seyed Vahid, Nabavi | Mohammad Karim, Beirami | Mohammad Reza, Chamani | Mark, Sterling


Discharge coefficient of a semi-elliptical side weir in subcritical flow
Pages 25-32
Nihat, Kaya | M. Emin, Emiroglu | Hayrullah, Agaccioglu


A CFD study of low pressure wet gas metering using slotted orifice meters
Pages 33-42
Perumal, Kumar | Michael Wong, Ming Bing


Explicit solutions for critical and normal depths in channels with different shapes
Pages 43-49
Ali R., Vatankhah | Said M., Easa


Optimisation of four-sensor probes for measuring bubble velocity components in bubbly air–water and oil–water flows
Pages 50-63
Gary, Lucas | Xin, Zhao | Suman, Pradhan


Flow characteristics of pyramidal shaped small sonic nozzles
Pages 64-70
C.-C., Hu | W.-T., Lin | C.-M., Su


A new set-up for PIV measurements in rotating turbulent duct flows
Pages 71-80
Jan, Visscher | Helge I., Andersson | Mustafa, Barri | Henri, Didelle | Samuel, Viboud | Damien, Sous | Joël, Sommeria


Flow rate measurement by an orifice in a slowly reciprocating gas flow
Pages 81-85
F., Peters | T.F., Groß


An ant colony optimization based stereoscopic particle pairing algorithm for three-dimensional particle tracking velocimetry
Pages 86-95
Sanjeeb Prasad, Panday | Kazuo, Ohmi | Kazuo, Nose




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