Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 22/4



Date: August 2011




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Uncertainty and intrusiveness of three-layer wire-mesh sensor
Pages 249-256
D. Ito, H.-M. Prasser, H. Kikura, M. Aritomi


Forced oscillation to reduce zero flow error and thermal drift for non-reciprocal operating liquid ultrasonic flow meters
Pages 257-264
Yang, Bo | Cao, Li | Luo, Yupin


Characterization of two phase flows in chemical engineering reactors
Pages 265-271
S.L., Kiambi | H.K., Kiriamiti | A., Kumar


Theoretical study of vertical slug flow measurement by data fusion from electromagnetic flowmeter and electrical resistance tomography
Pages 272-278
Xiang, Deng | Guangyu, Li | Zheng, Wei | Zengwei, Yan | Wuqiang, Yang


Processing of X-ray tomographic images: A procedure adapted for the analysis of phase distribution in MellapakPlus 752.Y and Katapak-SP packings
Pages 279-290
A., Viva | S., Aferka | E., Brunazzi | P., Marchot | M., Crine | D., Toye


Non-destructive ultrasonic velocimetry for central region velocity fields in turbulent Rayleigh–Bénard convection of mercury
Pages 291-294
Marguerite, Bienia | Masaki, Sano


Fast reconstruction of computerized tomography images based on the cross-entropy method
Pages 295-302
Qi, Wang | Huaxiang, Wang | Yong, Yan


Enhanced pulverized coal mass flow measurement
Pages 303-308
Ricardo S.N. Motta, Ralf Schmedt, Luiz E. Souza


Computational modeling of bubbly flows in differential pressure flow meters
Pages 309-318
Emilio E. Paladino, Clovis R. Maliska


Discharging capacity of rectangular side weirs in straight open channels
Pages 319-330
M. Emin, Emiroglu | Hayrullah, Agaccioglu | Nihat, Kaya


Measurement of flow rate characteristics of pneumatic components based on the dynamic regularity of polytropic exponents
Pages 331-337
Wei, Zhao | Qian, Ye | Guo-Xiang, Meng


A wind tunnel for anemometer calibration in the range of 0.2–1.25 m/s
Pages 338-342
Santiago Pezzotti, Juan I. D’Iorio, Vicente Nadal-Mora, Alejandro Pesarini


Thermo-resistive mesh sensors (TMS) for temperature field measurements
Pages 343-349
Martin Ritterath, Onur Can Öztürk, Horst Michael Prasser


Corrigendum to “Discharge coefficient of a semi-elliptical side weir in subcritical flow” [Flow Meas. Instrum. 22 (2011) 25–32]
Page 350
Nihat Kaya, M. Emin Emiroglu, Hayrullah Agaccioglu

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