Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 22/5



Date: August 2011





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Measuring phase distribution in high pressure three-phase flow using gamma densitometry
Pages 351-359
Rainer Hoffmann, George William Johnson




Capacitance sensor for hold-up measurement in high-viscous-oil/conductive-water core-annular flows
Pages 360-369
Domenico Strazza, Marco Demori, Vittorio Ferrari, Pietro Poesio




Discharge characteristics of a modified oblique side weir in subcritical flow
Pages 370-376
S. Mahmoud Borghei, Ali Parvaneh




Micro wire-mesh sensor for two-phase flow measurement in a rectangular narrow channel
Pages 377-382
D. Ito, H. Kikura, M. Aritomi




Analysis of turbulent flow through a square-sectioned duct with installed 90-degree elbow
Pages 383-391
K. Rup, P. Sarna




Comparison of acoustic backscattering techniques for suspended sediments investigation
Pages 392-401
M. Guerrero, R.N. Szupiany, M. Amsler




The humidity effect on air flow rates in a critical flow venturi nozzle
Pages 402-405
J.M. Lim, B.H. Yoon, Y.K. Oh, Kyung-Am Park




Application of small size cavitating venturi as flow controller and flow meter
Pages 406-412
Hojat Ghassemi, Hamidreza Farshi Fasih




A real-time virtual monitoring system of the skin factor for matrix acidizing treatments
Pages 413-420
J.A. Cruz-Maya, J.A. Rosas-Flores, M. Godoy-Alcantar, J. Jan-Roblero, F. Sanchez Silva




Experimental research into a new design of flow-averaging tube
Pages 421-427
M. Kabaciński, J. Pospolita




PSV and marker detection techniques for investigating the wake of an oscillating cylinder in a large wind tunnel
Pages 428-437
Stefano Malavasi, Roberto Corretto, Fabio Fossati




A neural network approach for prediction of discharge in straight compound open channel flow
Pages 438-446
Mrutyunjaya Sahu, K.K. Khatua, S.S. Mahapatra




Bless: A fiber optic sedimeter
Pages 447-455
S. Manzoni, G. Crotti, F. Ballio, A. Cigada, F. Inzoli, E. Colombo




Application of the Tomographic Laser Doppler Anemometry (TDLA) to a fuel spray
Pages 456-460
Christian Pfeifer, Christian Bruzzese, Gerald Fast, Dietmar Kuhn, Andreas G. Class




Enhanced measurement capability of a digital particle holographic system for flow field measurements
Pages 461-468
Yan Yang, Boseon Kang




Experimental and CFD investigation of 100 mm size cone flow elements
Pages 469-474
M.K. Sapra, M. Bajaj, S.N. Kundu, B.S.V.G. Sharma




Evaluation of flowmeters for heat metering
Pages 475-481
Hae Man Choi, Byung Ro Yoon, Chul Gyun Kim, Yong Moon Choi




Identification of gas/solid two-phase flow regimes using electrostatic sensors and neural-network techniques
Pages 482-487
H.L. Hu, J. Dong, J. Zhang, Y.J. Cheng, T.M. Xu




Study of acoustic transducer protrusion and recess effects on ultrasonic flowmeter measurement by numerical simulation
Pages 488-493
Dandan Zheng, Pengyong Zhang, Tianshi Xu

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