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     (ISSN 1546-198X)  Vol./Iss.: 10/5-6



Date: May/June 2012


Research Papers from International Conference on Engineering and Technology Innovation (ICETI-2011)


Automatic Optical Detection of Offset and Orientation of Electronic Component by Enhanced Active Shape Model (EASM)
Liang-Chia Chen, Nguyen Van Thai, and Abraham Mario Tapilouw
Sensor Lett. 10, 1047-1055 (2012)


A Study of Controlling Color Mixing of Red, Green, and Blue LEDs Based on Photometry Theory
Shinn-Fwu Wang, Hung-Chen Chung, Tsung-Hsun Yang, An-Li Liu, Yuan-Fong Chau, Jeng-Hua Wei, and
Chiung-Chou Liao

Sensor Lett. 10, 1056-1062 (2012)


Quantitative Analysis of Service Height Measurement for Table Tennis Players with an Optical Measurement System
Yu-Fen Chen and Chien-Hung Liu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1063-1067 (2012)


A Novel SOPC-Based CMOS Image Sensor Testing System
Shin-An Li, Jen-Shiun Chiang, Kuang-Yuan Chen, Ta-Kang Liu, and Ching-Chang Wong
Sensor Lett. 10, 1068-1074 (2012)


Analysis and Design of a Single-Axis Automatic Solar Tracking and Power Filtering System for Solar Power Generation
Yun-Parn Lee, Chen Sin-Hong, Gau Yau-Quen, Wang Kai-Der, Shih-Hsin Ma, and Jih-Huah Wu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1075-1080 (2012)


Non-Linear, Non-Gaussian Estimation for INS/GPS Integration
Thanh Trung Duong and Kai Wei Chiang
Sensor Lett. 10, 1081-1086 (2012)


Real-Time Face Detection Method Using Discrete Wavelet Transform for a Vision Care System
Chih-Hsien Hsia, Cheng-Kai Liu, Chia-Hui Lin, and Jen-Shiun Chiang
Sensor Lett. 10, 1087-1093 (2012)


Oil Level Prediction of Wind Power Gearbox Based on Current Analysis
Chun-Yao Lee and I-Hsiang Tsen
Sensor Lett. 10, 1094-1098 (2012)


A New Infrared Radiation Compensation Technique for Dynamic Temperature Measurement
Yi-Hsuan Wang, Chih-Hsiung Shen, and Shu-Jung Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 1099-1103 (2012)


A Study of Pressure Measuring Instrument Based on PVDF
Cheng-Ying Chung, Ching-Hsing Luo, and Cheng-Che Tasi
Sensor Lett. 10, 1104-1108 (2012)


Investigation on Displacement Measurements in the Large Measuring Range by Utilizing Multibeam Interference
Lih-Horng Shyu, Yung-Cheng Wang, Chung-Ping Chang, Pi-Cheng Tung, and Eberhard Manske
Sensor Lett. 10, 1109-1112 (2012)


Development of Absolute Position Detecting Cylinder for Automatic Excavator
Min-Kyu Park, Min-Cheol Lee, Seok-Jo Go, Sung-Hyun Kim, Soon-Yong Yang, Man-Hyung Lee, and Kum-Gil Sung
Sensor Lett. 10, 1113-1118 (2012)


Upper Limb Position Tracking System Using Inertial and Magnetic Sensors
Ho-Rim Choi, Mun-Ho Ryu, Yoon-Seok Yang, and Seong-Hyun Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1119-1124 (2012)


A Novel CMOS Compatible Gas Sensor with Stack Electrodes
Hsu-Pei Chen, Chun-Ming Cheng, Chih-Hsiung Shen, and Shu-Jung Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 1125-1130 (2012)


Built-in Temperature Detecting System for Diagnosing Ball-Screw Preload Variation of a Feed Drive System
Guo-Hua Feng and Yi-Lu Pan
Sensor Lett. 10, 1131-1136 (2012)


Ambulatory Gait Analysis with Accelerometer on Smart Phone
Mun-Ho Ryu, Soo-Young Hwang, Yoon-Seok Yang, and Seong-Hyun Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1137-1141 (2012)


FPGA-Based Interpolation for Motor Encoders
Ming-Shyan Wang, Ying-Shieh Kung, Tsung-Ting Lin, and Yi-Ming Tu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1142-1148 (2012)


A High CMRR, Low Power Current-Mode Instrumentation Amplifier for Biomedical Applications
Hwang-Cherng Chow and Ji-Hong Tien
Sensor Lett. 10, 1149-1156 (2012)


Hybrid Model-Based Classification of the Action for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Seung-Min Park, Junheong Park, and Kwee-Bo Sim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1157-1162 (2012)


Research on Infrared Photonic Crystal for CMOS Compatible Thermopile
Chun-Ming Cheng, Shu-Jung Chen, and Chih-Hsiung Shen
Sensor Lett. 10, 1163-1167 (2012)


Weighted Pattern Matching Algorithm for Indoor Location of Wireless Sensor Networks
Chi-Cheng Chuang and Ray-I Chang
Sensor Lett. 10, 1168-1172 (2012)


A Study of Applying Piezoelectric Material to Hitting Placement Sensing System for Table Tennis Players
Yu-Fen Chen, Chien-Hung Liu, Te-Hua Fang, and Kou-Kuei Hsu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1173-1177 (2012)


A Hall Sensor Auxiliary Circuit with Noise Rejection and Time Interval Capture Functions for BLDC Motors
Chung-Wen Hung and Jhih-Han Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 1178-1184 (2012)


Novel Built-in Current Sensors Using Split-Drain Magnetic FET
Yan-Qing Zhu and Yi-Gang He
Sensor Lett. 10, 1185-1190 (2012)


Automated Olfactory Test System Based on RFID Technology
Munh-Ho Ryu, Je-Nam Kim, Yoon-Seok Yang, Seong-Hyun Kim, and Nam-Gyun Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1191-1196 (2012)


Printed Circuit Board-Based Polymerase Chain Reaction Chip
Chan-Young Park, Jong-Dae Kim, Ja-Hun Ku, Yu-Seop Kim, Hye-Jeong Song, and Jongwon Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1197-1202 (2012)


Measuring Thickness of Borehole Sediments by Using Ultrasonic Technology
Mao-Yong Cao, Di Fan, Qin-Guang Cai, and Hong Yu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1203-1208 (2012)


A Robust Sensor Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks for Home Automation
Rong-Shue Hsiao, Ding-Bing Lin, Hsin-Piao Lin, Shu-Chun Cheng, and Chen-Hua Chung
Sensor Lett. 10, 1209-1215 (2012)


A Visual-Based Dual-Target Tracking System Using Independent Component Analysis
Kuan-Yu Chen, Cheng-Chin Chien, Yen-De Zhou, and Yi-Hsuan Liu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1216-1222 (2012)


Wafer Identification Recognition by Stroke Analysis and Template Matching
Wei-Chih Hsu, Tsan-Ying Yu, and Kuan-Liang Chen
Sensor Lett. 10, 1223-1229 (2012)


Design and Analysis of LED Surgical Operating Lamp with Adjustable Focus
Dein Shaw and Fan-Yi Liu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1230-1235 (2012)


A Method of the Human Meridian Visualization Using Image Matching and 3D Tracker
Xin Chen, Jin-Zhi Shen, and Peng-Feng Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 1236-1240 (2012)


Noise Reduction of EEG Signal Based on Head Movement Estimation by Using Frontal Viewing Camera
Jae Won Bang, Jong-Suk Choi, Eui Chul Lee, Kang Ryoung Park, and Mincheol Whang
Sensor Lett. 10, 1241-1246 (2012)


Geometrical Scaling for the Measurement of In-Vivo Human Inner Ear
Jen-Fang Yu, Kun-Che Lee, and Wei-Chung Chin
Sensor Lett. 10, 1247-1251 (2012)


A Simple Capacitive Sensor with Digital-Compatibility Output
Hsin-Wen Ting, Tsung-Ta Hsieh, and Hung-Yu Wang
Sensor Lett. 10, 1252-1257 (2012)


A New Approach for Online Denoising
Hwan-Joo Kwak, Jung-Han Kim, and Gwi-Tae Park
Sensor Lett. 10, 1258-1264 (2012)


Parameters Optimization of Remote Sensing Drived Vegetation Gross Primary Production Model Using Ground Flux Measurement
Shihua Li, Zongchen Hu, Baosheng Liu, Lusheng Zhao, and Zhaoyu Li
Sensor Lett. 10, 1265-1269 (2012)


A New Phase Difference Measurement Method and Its Implementation Based on FPGA
Chang-Zhi Lv, Di Fan, Mao-Yong Cao, Qin-Guang Cai, and Hong Yu
Sensor Lett. 10, 1270-1275 (2012)


Investigation of Control Parameters for Human-Robot Cooperative Lifting Tasks Using EMG Signals
Jaehyo Kim and Sungyoon Lee
Sensor Lett. 10, 1276-1281 (2012)


A Smart Detection Interface for Processing Universal Electrical Sensor Signal
Hsing-Cheng Chang, San-Shan Hung, Te-Wei Wang, Chi-Chih Lai, and I-Nan Chang
Sensor Lett. 10, 1282-1287 (2012)


An Analysis of Exercise Mechanics and Swing Patterns for Verification of New Type Golf Game Effects with Reduced Risks of Injuries
Seong-Hyun Kim, Mi Yu, Ki-Young Kwak, Ha-Ju So, Nam-Gyun Kim, and Dong-Wook Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1288-1293 (2012)


Footprint Recognition Using Footprint Energy Image
Jin-Woo Jung, Young-One Cho, and Byung-Chul So
Sensor Lett. 10, 1294-1301 (2012)


A Study on Real-Time Fall Detection Systems Using Acceleration Sensor and Tilt Sensor
Seong-Hyun Kim and Dong-Wook Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1302-1307 (2012)


Weighted Method for 3D-Point Reconstruction in Multi-Vision System
Qing He, Chao Hu, Ning Wei, Wei Liu, Gang Wang, and Max Q.-H. Meng
Sensor Lett. 10, 1308-1313 (2012)


The Factors Influencing the Measurement Errors of All Fiber-Optical Current Transducer and Solutions
Chen Chen, Qi-Feng Xu, and Yan-Tang Huang
Sensor Lett. 10, 1314-1319 (2012)


New Methods for 3D Measurement for PTZ Camera Control on Road Surface with Linear and Curved Slopes
Youngsung Soh and Jaehyun Song
Sensor Lett. 10, 1320-1325 (2012)


Template Matching Method for Peak Separation from the Scanned Signals of Lateral Flow Strips
Jong-Dae Kim, Chan-Young Park, Sang-Yeon Cho, Yu-Seop Kim, Hye-Jeong Song, Jongwon Kim, Ki Bong Nahm, and Eui Yul Choi
Sensor Lett. 10, 1326-1331 (2012)


Analog Complex Wavelet Transform Using ACDE Algorithm and SI Filters
Mu Li and Yi-Gang He
Sensor Lett. 10, 1332-1338 (2012)


An Octal-to-Binary Encoder Using Single-Electron and MOS Transistors
Rongshan Wei, Jinfeng Chen, Shouchang Chen, and Minghua He
Sensor Lett. 10, 1339-1344 (2012)


Novel Background Removing Scheme for X-Ray Imaging System
Xun Li and YoungJu Kim
Sensor Lett. 10, 1345-1349 (2012)

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