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Date: August 2008



Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the Symposium “Functional Organic and Inorganic Materials for Micro and Nano Bio-Sensing Systems” of the EMRS Spring Meeting 2007
Guest Editors: N. Cioffi, E. Comini, M. Eickhoff, and L. Torsi
Sensor Lett. 6, 463–464 (2008)
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Reassigned Spectrogram Representation for Mechanomyogram Signal Analysis
S. Mekaoui, A. Houacine, and T. Gharbi
Sensor Lett. 6, 465–476 (2008)
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The Use of PE/PVDF Pressure and Temperature Sensors in Smart Wireless Sensor Network System Developed for Environmental Monitoring
Essa Jafer and Khalil Arshak
Sensor Lett. 6, 477–489 (2008)
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Host Guest Interactions in Organofluorine Complexes Investigated Through Laser Methodologies
A. Giardini, F. Rondino, A. Paladini, M. Satta, G. Cattenacci, S. Piccirillo, P. Villani, E. Marcantoni,
G. Renzi, G. Roselli, and M. Speranza

Sensor Lett. 6, 490–495 (2008)
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The Electron Beam Plasma Treatment—The Novel Approach to the Controllable Modification of the Proteins and Polysaccharides Bioactivity
T. M. Vasilieva, A. H. Mahir, and M. N. Vasiliev
Sensor Lett. 6, 496–501 (2008)
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Fabrication of Benzylamine-Terminated Surfaces onto Glass Substrates for Detection of Catecholamines by Fluorogenic Derivatization
Nobuko Fukuda, Kazuma Tsuboi, and Hirobumi Ushijima
Sensor Lett. 6, 502–506 (2008)
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Screen-Printed Tin-Doped Indium Oxide Films for Low Temperature and Fast Response Methanol Gas Sensing
H. Mbarek, M. Saadoun, and B. Bessaïs
Sensor Lett. 6, 507–510 (2008)
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Biotin-Bioconjugated Water-Soluble CdS Nanoparticles
S. Al terary, C. Mangeney, R. Brayner, T. Antoun, F. Fiévet, and A. Yassar
Sensor Lett. 6, 511–517 (2008)
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A Bio-Sensor for Human Neutrophil Elastase Employs Peptide-p-Nitroanilide Cellulose Conjugates
J. Vincent Edwards, Sony Caston-Pierre, Phyllis Howley, Brian Condon, and Judy Arnold
Sensor Lett. 6, 518–523 (2008)
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Proton-Induced Multiple Changes of the Absorption and Fluorescence Spectra of Amino-Aza-Oligo(phenylenevinylene)s
Volker Schmitt, Stefan Glang, Jasmin Preis, and Heiner Detert
Sensor Lett. 6, 524–530 (2008)
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Electrical Characterization of Biological Molecules Deposition in MOS Capacitors
S. Libertino, M. Fichera, V. Aiello, S. Lombardo, A. Scandurra, M. Renis, and F. Sinatra
Sensor Lett. 6, 531–536 (2008)
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Innovative Chromatographic System Based on Amorphous Silicon Sensors
D. Caputo, G. de Cesare, C. Manetti, A. Nascetti, and R. Scipinotti
Sensor Lett. 6, 537–541 (2008)
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Two-Color Sensor for Biomolecule Detection
D. Caputo, G. de Cesare, A. Nascetti, and R. Scipinotti
Sensor Lett. 6, 542–547 (2008)
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Polyaniline Composites for Chemical Sensors and Release Devices
Myriam Bouhadid, Caroline Thévenot, Francis Ehrenfeld, Nathalie Redon, Jacques Desbriéres,
Bruno Grassl, and Stéphanie Reynaud

Sensor Lett. 6, 548–557 (2008)
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ZnO Thin Films for Cantilever Coatings: Structural and Mechanical Properties, Observations of Photoplastic Effect
P. Horvath, S. B. Sadale, M. Suchea, S. Christoulakis, R. Voicu, C. Tibeica, I. Bineva, R. Muller,
T. Kitsopoulos, and G. Kiriakidis

Sensor Lett. 6, 558–563 (2008)
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Simultaneous Reflectivity, Ellipsometry and Spectrometry Measurements in Submicron Structures for Liquid Sensing
M. Holgado, R. Casquel, C. Molpeceres, M. Morales, and J. L. Ocaña
Sensor Lett. 6, 564–569 (2008)
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Electrochemical Detection of DNA Sequences Based on Metalloporphyrins-Polypyrrole Towards a Multi-Detection Analysis
F. Canonne, M. Perrée-Fauvet, J. P. Mahy, and H. Korri-Youssoufi
Sensor Lett. 6, 570–576 (2008)
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Au Nanoparticles as Gate Material for NOx Field Effect Capacitive Sensors
E. Ieva, K. Buchholt, L. Colaianni, N. Cioffi, L. Sabbatini, G. C. Capitani, A. Lloyd Spetz, P. O. Kall, and L. Torsi
Sensor Lett. 6, 577–584 (2008)
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Microfluidics Silicon Structure for Electrophoresis Separation of DNA Fragments
Monica Simion, Irina Kleps, Flore Craciunoiu, Lorand Savu, Mihaela Miu, and Adina Bragaru
Sensor Lett. 6, 585–589 (2008)
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Tungsten Oxide Nanowires-Based Ammonia Gas Sensors
G. Neri, G. Micali, A. Bonavita, S. Ipsale, G. Rizzo, M. Niederberger, and N. Pinna
Sensor Lett. 6, 590–595 (2008)
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Light Emission Properties of SnO2 Nanowires for Applications in Gas Sensing
S. Lettieri, A. Setaro, A. Bismuto, P. Maddalena, C. Baratto, E. Comini, S. Todros, and G. Sberveglieri
Sensor Lett. 6, 596–600 (2008)
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Interdigitated Electrodes and Their Possibility to Determine the Excitation Region in Neurons in Cultured Networks
A. Reiher, A. D. de Lima, H. Witte, A. Krtschil, A. Nörenberg, T. Voigt, and A. Krost
Sensor Lett. 6, 601–606 (2008)
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Electrical Properties of Mesomorphic Phthalocyanine-Carbon Nanotube Composites
Necmettin Kilinç, Ali Sems Ahsen, Devrim Atílla, Ayse Gül G?rek, Sait Eren San, Zafer Ziya Öztürk, and Vefa Ahsen
Sensor Lett. 6, 607–612 (2008)
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Peptide Immobilization on GaAs Surfaces and the Application to Label-Free Detection of Antigen-Antibody Interactions Using Multiple Internal Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy
Ayumi Hirano, Kota Onodera, Ko-ichiro Miyamoto, Yasuo Kimura, Masatoshi Kataoka,
Yasuo Shinohara, and Michio Niwano

Sensor Lett. 6, 613–617 (2008)
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Preliminary Study on Electrosynthesis of a Co-Porphyrin Based Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for the Selective Detection of the Herbicide 2,4-Dichlorophenoxy Carboxylic Acid

Elisabetta Mazzotta and Cosimino Malitesta
Sensor Lett. 6, 618–622 (2008)
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Spectroscopic Characterisation of TiO2 Nanoparticles
Rosaria Anna Picca and Cosimino Malitesta
Sensor Lett. 6, 623–626 (2008)
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Comparison of Functionalized III–V Semiconductor Response for Nitric Oxide
Michael A. Garcia, M. Losurdo, S. D. Wolter, W. V. Lampert, J. Bonaventura, G. Bruno, C. Yi, and A. S. Brown
Sensor Lett. 6, 627–634 (2008)
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Improvement in the Sensitivity of SnO2 Thin Film Based NOx Gas Sensor by Loading with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition Process
M. M. H. Bhuiyan, S. Katsuki, T. Ueda, and T. Ikegami
Sensor Lett. 6, 635–640 (2008)
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Functional Materials for Biosensing—From Proteins to Cells and Pollen
P. A. Lieberzeit, X. Chen, K. Seidler, M. Jenik, F. L. Dickert, and H. Blumenstock
Sensor Lett. 6, 641–645 (2008)
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Preliminary Studies on the Influence of Surface Morphological Treatments of Indium Tin Oxide on the Performances of Horseradish Peroxidase-Based Biosensors
L. Setti, A. Fraleoni-Morgera, I. Mencarelli, and C. Bertoni
Sensor Lett. 6, 646–653 (2008)
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Core–Shell Gold Nanoparticles as Non-Conventional Matrix for the MALDI-ToF-MS Detection of Amino Acids: A Preliminary Study
N. Cioffi, F. De Palo, C. D. Calvano, I. D. van der Werf, F. Palmisano, and P. G. Zambonin
Sensor Lett. 6, 654–661 (2008)
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