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Date: August 2009



Novel Reflex Fiber Optic Angular Displacement Sensor Based on Fiber Optic Arrays
Yong Zhao, He Huang, and Ting-Ting Zhao
Sensor Lett. 7, 513–516 (2009)
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Microhotplate-Based High-Speed Polyimide Capacitive Humidity Sensors
Myong Jin Lee, Nam-Ki Min, Kum-Pyo Yoo, Ki-Young Kwak, and Kwang-Ho Kwon
Sensor Lett. 7, 517–522 (2009)
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Natural Sulphide Minerals as Sensors for Determination of Total Acidity of Humic and Fulvic Acids
M. M. Antonijevic, Z. Simic, and Z. Petrovic
Sensor Lett. 7, 523–529 (2009)
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SnO2 as a Gas Sensor: Modeling and Spectroscopic Approach
Hanan Elhaes, Medhat Ibrahim, Mahmoud Sleim, Jinhuai Liu, and Jiarui Huang
Sensor Lett. 7, 530–534 (2009)
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Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Sensors Carrying
Self-Assembled Nano-Overlayers of Probe Oligonucleotide

Memed Duman, Mustafa Oguzhan Çaglayan,Gökhan Demirel, and Erhan Piskin
Sensor Lett. 7, 535–542 (2009)
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Fast Response Amperometric Biosensor for H2O2 Detection Based on
Horseradish-Peroxidase/Titania-Nanowires/Chitosan Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

Ming Zhang, Limiao Li, Zhifeng Du, Shoujiang Xu, Chengchao Li, Xian Chen, Tianfang Zhang, and
Taihong Wang

Sensor Lett. 7, 543–549 (2009)
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Effect of Different Substrates on Performance of Copper Sulfide Thin Film Ammonia Gas Sensor
Abhay Abhimanyu Sagade, Ramphal Sharma, and J. C. Vyas
Sensor Lett. 7, 550–556 (2009)
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Preparing of Hybrid Bio-Organic–Inorganic Composite Membrane for Amperometric Mediatorless Glucose
Micro Biosensor

Jianping Li, Rong Liu, Hongcheng Pan, and Haizhu Wang
Sensor Lett. 7, 557–562 (2009)
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A New Single-Sensor Magnetic Field Gradiometer
I. Lucas, M. D. Michelena, R. P. del Real, V. de Manuel, J. A. Plaza, M. Duch, J. Esteve, and H. Guerrero
Sensor Lett. 7, 563–570 (2009)
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Poly(p-nitroaniline) Modified Pt Electrode and Its Application for Determining Epoxy and Amino on Surface Modified Nanosilicas
Deliang Li, Ling Zhang, Zhixian Chang, Jianying Qu, and Zhijun Zhang
Sensor Lett. 7, 571–575 (2009)
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Optical Fibre Magnetic Field/Current Sensors with TbDyFe-FeNi Multilayer as Sensing Materials
Minghong Yang, Yan Sun, Dongsheng Zhang, and Desheng Jiang
Sensor Lett. 7, 576–579 (2009)
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Preparation and Characterization of Cadaverine Sensitive Nylon Threads
Kairi Kivirand and Toonika Rinken
Sensor Lett. 7, 580–585 (2009)
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Electrochemical Methods of Carbamazepine Determination
M. A. García-García, O. Domínguez-Renedo, A. Alonso-Lomillo, and M. J. Arcos-Martínez
Sensor Lett. 7, 586–591 (2009)
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Polyaniline/Silver Nanocomposite Based Acetone Vapour Sensor
Arup Choudhury, Pradip Kar, Mandira Mukherjee, and Basudam Adhikari
Sensor Lett. 7, 592–598 (2009)
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A Wireless, Passive pH Sensor Based on Magnetic Higher-Order Harmonic Fields
Brock E. Horton, Brandon D. Pereles, Ee Lim Tan, and Keat Ghee Ong
Sensor Lett. 7, 599–604 (2009)
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Simultaneous Determination of Indium and Thallium Ions by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry Using Antimony Film Electrode
Jialing Zhang, Yujuan Shan, Jing Ma, Li Xie, and Xiaoyan Du
Sensor Lett. 7, 605–608 (2009)
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Effect of Antibodies Immobilization on the Efficiency of Carbon Paste Based Immunosensors
Vepa Kameswara Rao and Chhaya Singh
Sensor Lett. 7, 609–614 (2009)
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A Micro-Coated Wire Ion-Selective Electrode for Flow-Injection Analysis of Trazodone in Pharmaceuticals,
Human Urine and Serum

J. A. Ortuño, M. S. García, M. I. Albero, and M. Cuartero
Sensor Lett. 7, 615–620 (2009)
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Transition from n- to p-Type of Spray Pyrolysis Deposited Cu Doped ZnO Thin Films for NO2 Sensing
M. B. Rahmani, S. H. Keshmiri, M. Shafiei, K. Latham, W. Wlodarski, J. du Plessis, and K. Kalantar-Zadeh
Sensor Lett. 7, 621–628 (2009)
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Toluene Sensor Using NASICON and Sm2O3 Sensing Electrode
Tiegang Zhong, Xishuang Liang, Geyu Lu, and Baofu Quan
Sensor Lett. 7, 629–634 (2009)
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Amperometric Detection of Glucose Biomolecules Using ZnO Tripods and Nanorods: A Comparative Study
Surajit Mandal, Kurra Sambasivarao, Himadri Mullick, Achintya Dhar, Tapan Kumar Maiti, and Samit Kumar Ray
Sensor Lett. 7, 635–639 (2009)
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Characteristics of a Label-Less Electrochemical Immunosensor Based on a Field-Effect Transistor for the
Detection of a Biomarker in Urine

Young-Soo Sohn, Chang-Kyu Kim, and Sie-Young Choi
Sensor Lett. 7, 640–643 (2009)
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