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Sixth Maghreb-Europe Meeting on Materials and Their Applications for Devices and Physical, Chemical
and Biological Sensors (MADICA 2008)

Guest Editors: N. Jaffrezic-Renault, L. Bellarbi, R. Lamartine, and A. Errachid


Date: October 2009



Stable Immobilization of Anti-Beta Casein Antibody onto Layered Double Hydroxides Materials for
Biosensor Applications

Z. M. Baccar, S. Hidouri, N. El Bari, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, A. Errachid, and N. Zine
Sensor Lett. 7, 647–655 (2009)
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Investigation of Thermal Properties of Bulk Zn Doped GaSb and Silicon by Photopyroelectric Technique
I. Abdellaziz, I. Mellouki, and N. Yacoubi
Sensor Lett. 7, 656–660 (2009)
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Polyaniline Based Immunosensor for Atrazine Sensing
H. Ben Fredj, S. Helali, Z. Sassi, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 7, 661–666 (2009)
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Effects of Electrochlorination Under Pulsed Bipolar Polarization on Negative Staphylococcus Coagulases
and on Positive Staphylococcus Coagulases

Sihem Abderrahmane, Ferial Krid, and Abdelaziz Himour
Sensor Lett. 7, 667–671 (2009
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Cu–Al–O Transparent Thin Films: Preparation by Spray Pyrolysis Technique and Characterization
A. Belafhaili, M. Ait Aouaj, R. Diaz, A. Belayachi, F. Rueda, and M. Abd-Lefdil
Sensor Lett. 7, 672–675 (2009)
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Development of Urease/Layered Double Hydroxides Nanohybrid Materials for the Urea Detection:
Synthesis, Analytical and Catalytic Characterizations

Z. M. Baccar, D. Caballero, N. Zine, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and A. Errachid
Sensor Lett. 7, 676–682 (2009)
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Classification and Discrimination of Different Tunisian Water Samples Using an Electronic Tongue
K. Sghaier, H. Barhoumi, A. Maaref, M. Siadat, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 683–688 (2009)
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Na+ and K+ Implanted Membranes for Micro-Sensors Development
W. Nouira, R. Haddad, H. Barhoumi, A. Maaref, J. Bausells, F. Bessueille, D. Léonard, N. Jaffrezic-Renault,
and A. Errachid

Sensor Lett. 7, 689–693 (2009)
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Electrochemical Study of Si/SiO2/Si3N4 Structures and Gold Electrodes Functionalised with Amide
Thiacalix[4]arene for the Detection of Hg2+ Ions in Solution

Y. Bergaoui, M. Ben Ali, A. Abdelghani, F. Vocanson, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 694–701 (2009)
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Transparent and Conductive Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Films Sputtered from Aerogel Nanopowders
Z. Ben Ayadi, L. El Mir, K. Djessas, and S. Alaya
Sensor Lett. 7, 702–706 (2009)
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Epitaxial Layer Parameters Estimation Approach of Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes
Tarek Ben Salah, Mahbouba Amairi, Zina Sassi, and Hervé Morel
Sensor Lett. 7, 707–711 (2009)
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Electrical Characterization and Electronic Transport Modelization in the InN/InP Structures
Z. Benamara, N. Mecirdi, B. Akkal, H. Mazari, M. Chellali, A. Talbi, B. Gruzza, S. Ben Khalifa,
C. Robert-Goumet, G. Monier, and L. Bideux

Sensor Lett. 7, 712–715 (2009)
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Thermal Properties of Metals Using Electro-Pyroelectric Technique
N. Bennaji, I. Mellouki, and N. Yacoubi
Sensor Lett. 7, 716–720 (2009)
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Fabrication and Electrical Characteristics of Schottky Diode on Ag/Poly-Si Deposited by Sub Atmospheric
Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition and Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition

N. Benseddik, M. Amrani, Z. Benamara, H. Mazari, and T. Mohammed Brahim
Sensor Lett. 7, 721–724 (2009)
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Nanostructured Zinc Oxide Thin Films for NO2 Gas Sensing
M. Saadoun, M. F. Boujmil, L. El Mir, and B. Bessaïs
Sensor Lett. 7, 725–730 (2009)
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A Novel Urea Biosensor Based on Modified Electrodes with Urease Immobilized on
Poly(N-hydroxyphtalimide-pyrrole-co-pyrrole) Film Incorporating Ethyl Amine Ferrocene as Redox Marker

Sondes Bourigua, Imen Hafaid, Hafsa Korri-Youssoufi, Abderrazak Maaref, and Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 731–738 (2009)
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A Novel Conductometric Biosensor Based on Horseradish Peroxidase for Cyanide Detection
N. Bouyahia, M. Hnaien, M. L. Hamlaoui, R. Kherrat, F. Lagarde, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 739–744 (2009)
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CO2 Detection Using Microstructured Chalcogenide Fibers
F. Charpentier, J. Troles, Q. Coulombier, L. Brilland, P. Houizot, F. Smektala, C. Boussard-Plédel, V. Nazabal,
N. Thibaud, K. Le Pierrès, Renversez, and B. Bureau

Sensor Lett. 7, 745–749 (2009)
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Surface Modifications of Love Acoustic Waves Sensors for Chemical and Biological Detection
L. Fertier, M. Rolland, M. Persin, C. Déjous, D. Rebière, J.-O. Durand, L. Raehm, R. Desmet, O. Melnyk,
and M. Cretin

Sensor Lett. 7, 750–756 (2009)
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Novel Anionophores for Biosensor Applications: Nano Characterisation of SAMs Based on
Amphiphilic Imidazolium Protophanes and Cyclophanes on Gold Surfaces

Christian Sporer, Lucia Casal, David Caballero, Josep Samitier, Abdelhamid Errachid, and
Lluïsa Pérez-García

Sensor Lett. 7, 757–764 (2009)
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Influence of the Thermal Annealing on the MOSP Structure
H. Dib, Z. Benamara, T. Mohammed Brahim, H. Mazari, and N. Benseddik
Sensor Lett. 7, 765–768 (2009)
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Design of a Wavelength Separator Based on Crystal Photonics
N. Dib, R. Naoum, and N. Benseddik
Sensor Lett. 7, 769–773 (2009)
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Modified Oligonucleotides for Biosensing Applications
Brendan Manning, Sónia Pérez-Rentero, Alejandra V. Garibotti, Roger Ramos, and Ramon Eritja
Sensor Lett. 7, 774–781 (2009)
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Application of the Quartz Crystal Microbalance to the Study of Multivalent Carbohydrate–Carbohydrate Adhesion
S. A. Rodríguez-Seguí, I. Bucior, M. M. Burger, A. Errachid, and X. Fernández-Busquets
Sensor Lett. 7, 782–787 (2009)
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Development of a Conductometric Algal Whole Cells Biosensor for Phosphate Monitoring
Houssemeddine Guedri and Claude Durrieu
Sensor Lett. 7, 788–794 (2009)
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Characterization of Potassium-Selective Field Effect Transistors Based on 1,3-(di-4-oxabutanol)-
Calix[4]arene-Crown-5 as Ionophore

J. Gustavsson, N. Zine, F. Vocanson, E. Engel, J. Planell, J. Bausells, J. Samitier, and A. Errachid
Sensor Lett. 7, 795–800 (2009)
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Electrochemical Characterization of Biotin Functionalized and Regular Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube
Coatings. Application to Amperometric Glucose Biosensors

R. Haddad, S. Cosnier, A. Maaref, and M. Holzinger
Sensor Lett. 7, 801–805 (2009)
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Magnetic Properties of Fe90Zr10 Amorphous Ribbons
N. Hassanain, H. Lassri, A. Berrada, R. Krishnan, A. Arbaoui, M. Loghmarti, and A. Mzerd
Sensor Lett. 7, 806–807 (2009)
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Electrochemical Study of Horseradish Peroxidase Biosensor Based on Functionalised Magnetic Beads
and Polypyrrole Film

Saloua Helali, Hamdi Baccar, Adnane Abdelghani, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 808–811 (2009)
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Effects of Plasma Nitriding (10% N2–90% H2) on Microstructure, Thermal Stability and
Corrosion Behaviour of Austenitic Stainless Steel

Abdelaziz Himour, Naima Benachour, Sihem Abderrahmane, Moussa Zahzouh, Sihem Ouchenane,
and Abdelhamid Saker

Sensor Lett. 7, 812–817 (2009)
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Monitoring of Protein Release from Poly(e-caprolactone) Microspheres Using a Conductometric Biosensor
E. Ruffin, M. Hnaien, F. Lagarde, C. Bordes, S. Briançon, and N. Jaffrezic Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 818–823 (2009)
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Microfluidic Biofuel Cell for Energy Production
A. Zebda, L. Renaud, S. Tingry, M. Cretin, F. Pichot, R. Ferrigno, and C. Innocent
Sensor Lett. 7, 824–828 (2009)
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A New Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry Miniaturized Sensor System for
Detection of Nickel and Mercury in Waters

B. Khadro, O. Vittori, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 829–832 (2009)
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Chemiluminescence of Luminol for the Determination of Cobalt(II) Adsorbed on a Chitosan Membrane
B. Khadro, B. D. Leca-Bouvier, F. Lagarde, F. Barbier, L. J. Blum, C. Martelet, L. Marcotte, M. Tabrizian,
and N. Jaffrezic-Renault

Sensor Lett. 7, 833–838 (2009)
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Semi-Conductor Oxides for Electronic Detection of Biological Molecules
N. Dechoux, I. Matko, A. Bionaz, H. Roussel, P. Chaudouet, M. Labeau, and B. Chenevier
Sensor Lett. 7, 839–846 (2009)
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Surface Acoustic Waves Sensor for DNA-Biosensor Development
Najla Fourati, Mathieu Lazerges, Christophe Vedrine, Jean-Marie Fougnion, Chouki Zerrouki,
Lionel Rousseau, Patrick Lepeut, Jean Jacques Bonnet, and Christine Pernelle

Sensor Lett. 7, 847–850 (2009)
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Effect of the Refractive Index of Buffer Solutions in Evanescent Optical Biosensors
L. Diéguez, N. Darwish, M. Mir, E. Martínez, M. Moreno, and J. Samitier
Sensor Lett. 7, 851–855 (2009)
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Gettering Efficiency in Lower Cost Multicrystalline Silicon
M. Loghmarti, M. Abd-Lefdil, A. Arbaoui, N. Hassanain, A. Mzerd, and J. C. Muller
Sensor Lett. 7, 856–860 (2009)
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IEEE 802.15.4 Based Wireless Sensor Networks Applied to pH and Temperature Monitoring in a Fish Farm
M. López, J. M. Gómez, S. Martínez, J. Sabater, Ll. Climent, A. Herms, L. Tort, J. Bausells, and A. Errachid
Sensor Lett. 7, 861–868 (2009)
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Evaluation of Fine Structure of Excitonic Levels in InGaAs/InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots with the
Detection Energy

N. Sellami, A. Melliti, A. Sahli, M. A. Maaref, F. Bernardot, and C. Testelin
Sensor Lett. 7, 869–871 (2009)
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Local Bio-Sensitization of Nanocrystalline Boron Doped Diamond Surfaces with Biotin Using

Charles Agnés, Mathias Bonnauron, Franck Omnés, Jean-Charles Arnault, Philippe Bergonzo,
Milos Nesladek, and Pascal Mailley

Sensor Lett. 7, 872–879 (2009)
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Electrochemical DNA-Hybridisation Detection via Enzymatic Amplification at
Microelectrode Array Modified with Polypyrrole-Oligonucleotide Films

Emilie Dubuisson, Alexandre Chibane, Pierre Grangeat, and Pascal Mailley
Sensor Lett. 7, 880–887 (2009)
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Layered Double Hydroxides/Trypsin Based Conductometric Biosensors
Hela Mansouri, Claude Forano, Vanessa Prévot, Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, and Abdesslem Ben Haj Amara
Sensor Lett. 7, 888–895 (2009)
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Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Specific Detection of Enterovirus
M. B. Mejri, M. Marrakchi, H. Baccar, S. Helali, M. Aouni, M. Hamdi, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 7, 896–899 (2009)
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Fiber-Optic U-Shaped Detection Elements for the Investigation of Photocatalytic Activity of
Optical Fibers Coated with Layer of TiO2

Vlastimil Matejec, Jan Mrazek, Ondrej Podrazky, Milos Hayer, and Marie Pospisilova
Sensor Lett. 7, 900–904 (2009)
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Modeling and Characterization on SiC/Ti Schottky Diodes
H. Mazari, N. Benseddik, Z. Benamara, K. Ameur, B. Soudini, and H. Dib
Sensor Lett. 7, 905–908 (2009)
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Irradiance Responsivity Scale in IR Domain by Pyroelectric Detector
I. Mellouki and N. Yacoubi
Sensor Lett. 7, 909–912 (2009)
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Silanization of Porous Silicon Surface for Ion-Sensor Applications
O. Meskini, A. Tlili, R. M’ghaïeth, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 7, 913–916 (2009)
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Transducing Effect on Detection Performances of Copper Cations, Using Azo-Calix[4]arene
Derivatives as Receptors

R. Mlika, H. Yousfi, B. Bouchikhi, I. Dumazet-Bonnamour, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, and H. Ben Ouada
Sensor Lett. 7, 917–923 (2009)
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Electrical and Photoluminescence Investigations of Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2’ethyl-hexyloxy)-1,
4-phenylene vinylene) Polymer-Porous Silicon Systems

I. Jlassi, A. Moadhen, H. Elhouichet, and M. Oueslati
Sensor Lett. 7, 924–928 (2009)
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Thermal Anemometer Based on Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition p-Type (Bi1 – xSbx)2Te3
Thin Films

A. Mzerd, A. Aboulfarah, A. Arbaoui, N. Hassanain, M. Abd-Lefdil, A. Giani, and M. Loghmarti
Sensor Lett. 7, 929–932 (2009)
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Elaboration of a Conductometric Sensor for Detection of Mercury(II) Ions with a Polymeric Membrane
Based on Mercaptostyrenedivinylbenzene Resin

H. Nacer, B. Khadro, R. Kherrat, M. L. Hamlaoui, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 933–936 (2009)
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Synergistic Effects of Ion Yttrium Y3+ and HEDP on Mild Steel Corrosion Resistance in 0.5 M NaCl Solution
Sihem Ouchenane, Sihem Abderrahmane, Abdelaziz Himour, Lemya Djeffal, and Amel Seddik
Sensor Lett. 7, 937–941 (2009)
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Radio Frequency Identification Semi-Active Tag with Sensing Capabilities for the Food Logistic Chain
F. Palacio, X. Cano, J. M. Gomez, C. Vilar, A. Scorzoni, M. Cicioni, E. Abad, A. Juarros, D. Gómez, M. Nuin,
A. Gonzalez, T. Becker, and S. Marco

Sensor Lett. 7, 942–951 (2009)
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How to Control Accessibility to Biosensor Probes?
Christophe Védrine, Mathieu Lazerges, Hubert Perrot, Chantal Compère, C. Dreanno, and Christine Pernelle
Sensor Lett. 7, 952–956 (2009)
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Development of Bioselective Element of SPR Spectrometer for Monitoring of Oligonucleotide Interactions
and Comparison with Thermodynamic Calculations

A. Rachkov, Yu. Holodova, Yu. Ushenin, D. Miroshnichenko, G. Telegeev, and A. Soldatkin
Sensor Lett. 7, 957–961 (2009)
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Excitonic Properties in CdS/ZnS Core–Shell Nanocrystals
K. Sellami, I. Zgaren, and S. Jaziri
Sensor Lett. 7, 962–966 (2009)
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Size-Dependent Optical Properties in II–VI Quantum-Dot/Quantum-Well Heterostructures
I. Zgaren, K. Sellami, and S. Jaziri
Sensor Lett. 7, 967–971 (2009)
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Parylene Surface Functionalization with Ammonia Plasma for Ion Sensitive Top Gate Parylene/Pentacene
Thin Film Transistors

A. K. Diallo, M. Erouel, J. Tardy, Z. Q. Zhang, F. Bessueille, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 972–978 (2009)
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Sensitivity Characteristics of Long-Period Gratings Written with a CO2 Laser in Fiber with
Parabolic-Index Cladding

Filip Todorov, Miroslav Chomát, Daniela Berková, Jirí Ctyroký, Vlastimil Matejec, and Ivan Kašík
Sensor Lett. 7, 979–983 (2009)
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Mesoporous Coated Films on Love Wave Acoustic Devices for Gas Detection
G. Tortissier, L. Blanc, A. Tetelin, C. Zimmermann, J.-L. Lachaud, C. Boissiére, C. Sanchez, C. Dejous, and
D. Rebiére

Sensor Lett. 7, 984–988 (2009)
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Conductometric Chemosensors Based on Calixarenes for Determination of Amines and Amino Acids
O. Sosovska, Y. Korpan, F. Vocanson, and N. Jaffrezic-Renault
Sensor Lett. 7, 989–994 (2009)
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Characterisation of a Cr(VI) Sensitive Polysiloxane Membrane by X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometry and
Atomic Force Microscopy

A. Zazoua, R. Kherrat, D. Caballero, A. Errachid, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, F. Bessueille, and D. Léonard
Sensor Lett. 7, 995–1000 (2009)
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Sensitivity Estimation and Biosensing Potential of Lithium Tantalate Shear Horizontal
Surface Acoustic Wave Sensor

Y. Bergaoui, C. Zerrouki, J. M. Fougnion, N. Fourati, and A. Abdelghani
Sensor Lett. 7, 1001–1005 (2009)
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Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with a Langmuir-Blodgett Film of a Thiomacrocyclic Ionophore for
Cu(II) Recognition

E. Guaus, J. Torrent-Burgués, N. Zine, and A. Errachid
Sensor Lett. 7, 1006–1011 (2009)
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