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Date: August 2010




Symmetric and Asymmetric Hyoscine Membrane Sensor for Determination of Hyoscine Butyl Bromide in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Biological Fluids; A Computational Study
Mohammad Reza Ganjali, Zahra Memari, Bagher Larijani, Farnoush Faridbod, Siavash Riahi, and Parviz Norouzi
Sensor Lett. 8, 545-553 (2010)
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Acoustoelectronic Structures with an Air Gap for Gas Analysis
N. P. Tatyanenko, V. L. Gromashevskii, and B. A. Snopok
Sensor Lett. 8, 554-563 (2010)
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High Sensor Response and Short Response Time of Ozone Sensor Using Au/TiO2-SnO2 Material at Room Temperature
Ren-Jang Wu and Tsang-Ming Wu
Sensor Lett. 8, 564-569 (2010)
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Detection of Bruise on Pear by Hyperspectral Imaging Sensor with Different Classification Algorithms
Jiewen Zhao, Qin Ouyang, Quansheng Chen, and Jianhei Wang
Sensor Lett. 8, 570-576 (2010)
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Development of Some Electrochemical Systems for Detection of Arsenic in Drinking Water
Priyabrata Pal, Priyabrata Sarkar, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, and Sreela Pal
Sensor Lett. 8, 577-583 (2010)
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Construction of Poly(methylene blue) on Carbon Nanotubes Ionic Liquid Paste Electrode for Sensitive Detection of Nitrite
Yonghong Li, Xinling Liu, Xiandong Zeng, Xiaoying Liu, Ling Tao, Wanzhi Wei, and Shenglian Luo
Sensor Lett. 8, 584-590 (2010)
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Gas Sensing Behavior of Nano-LaFeO3 Thick Films Prepared Through Microwave Heating Method
Xiangfeng Chu, Sumei Zhou, Wangbing Zhang, and Qianfeng Zhang
Sensor Lett. 8, 591-595 (2010)
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A Fast Response Strontium(II) Selective Polymeric Membrane Sensor Based on 1-Benzothiazol- 3-Benzoyl-Thiocarbamide as Neutral Carrier
Junxiang Guo, Yaqin Chai, Ruo Yuan, Yuhua Ma, and Zhifen Zou
Sensor Lett. 8, 596-601 (2010)
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New Medium for Rapid Quantification of Micrococcus Luteus Cells by Multichannel Series Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Based Method
Fengjiao He and Jinrong Tu
Sensor Lett. 8, 602-606 (2010)
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Copper(II) Sensing Properties of Colorimetric and Fluorimetric Chemosensors Based on 7-Dimethylaminocoumarin Chromophores
Rong-Ren Chuang, Yi-Ling Chen, and Ding-Yah Yang
Sensor Lett. 8, 607-612 (2010)
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Superoxide Anion Radical Biosensor Using Self-Assembled Cysteine Monolayer on Gold Nanoparticles in Polypyrrole Matrix Facilitated Electron Transfer in Cu,ZnSOD
Seenivasan Rajesh, U. S. Ezhil Arivudainambi, Sarkkarai Rajasingh, Ayyappan Rajendran, Srigiridhar Kotamraju and Chandran Karunakaran
Sensor Lett. 8, 613-621 (2010)
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Compact Cell for the Selective Determination of Ascorbic Acid
Mohsen M. Zareh
Sensor Lett. 8, 622-629 (2010)
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Structure Dependence of Photophysical Behavior for the Pyrene Derivatives with Branched Side Chain in PDMS Films
Yong Lin, Ting Huang, Liusheng Chen, Yi Shi, and Xigao Jin
Sensor Lett. 8, 630-638 (2010)
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Micro Tactile Sensors with a Suspended and Oriented Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Beam Embedded in Polydimethylsiloxane Elastomer
Miao Lu, Dongjin Lee, Taiho Yeom, and Tianhong Cui
Sensor Lett. 8, 639-644 (2010)
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Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Based Electrochemcial Sensor for Salbutamol Detection
Chanpen Karuwan, Anurat Wisitsoraat, Assawapong Sappat, Kata Jaruwongrungsee, Viyapol Patthanasettakul, and Adisorn Tuantranont
Sensor Lett. 8, 645-650 (2010)
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Local Flow Velocity Measurements Using an In-Fibre Bragg Grating Sensor
Christopher R. Dennison, Maxym V. Rukosuyev, Peter M. Wild, Peter M. Oshkai, David A. Singlehurst, and Oleksandr L. Barannyk
Sensor Lett. 8, 651-658 (2010)
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Non-Intrusive Pulse Wave Sensor for Vehicle Drivers
Shan Hu, Ye Gu, Ryan Bowlds, and Xun Yu
Sensor Lett. 8, 659-666 (2010)
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Banana Tissue-Nanoparticle/Nanotube Based Glassy Carbon Paste Electrode Biosensors for Catechol Detection
Serdar Çevik and Ülkü Anik
Sensor Lett. 8, 667-671 (2010)
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Polyluminol/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Composite Film-Modified Electrodes for Simultaneous Determination of Propyl Gallate and Ascorbic Acid
Jing Ma, Shuran Wang, Maoqing Wang, Jialing Zhang, Liang Wang, and Xiaoyan Du
Sensor Lett. 8, 672-676 (2010)
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Carbon Felt-Based Bioelectrocatalytic Flow Detectors: Covalent Modification of Tyrosinase onto a Cyanuric Chloride-Activated Carbon Felt
Yue Wang, Aya Okada, Shuji Moriya, and Yasushi Hasebe
Sensor Lett. 8, 677-683 (2010)
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Development of a Highly Sensitive and Selective Optical Chemical Sensor for the Determination of Zinc Based on Fluorescence Quenching of a Novel Schiff Base Ligand
Nur Aksuner, Emur Henden, Ibrahim Yilmaz, and Alaaddin Cukurovali
Sensor Lett. 8, 684-689 (2010)
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Nonenzymatic Electrochemical Glucose Biosensor Based on Ionic Liquid and Nickel Nanoparticles
Xu Ming Zhuang, Tao Yang, Wei Zhang, Wei Juan Li, and Kui Jiao
Sensor Lett. 8, 690-691 (2010)
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