Bullet  Sensor Letters

     (ISSN 1546-198X)  Vol./Iss.: 9/4



Date: August 2011



Recent Developments in Micelle-Induced Fluorescent Sensors
Prasun Bandyopadhyay and Amit K. Ghosh
Sensor Lett. 9, 1249-1264 (2011)




Experimental Control of Curing via Dielectric and Fibre Bragg Grating Sensors for Composite Patch Repairs
K. Kalkanis, G. J. Tsamasphyros, G. N. Kanderakis, N. Pantelelis, M. Tur, G. Maistros, and Y. Botsev
Sensor Lett. 9, 1265-1272 (2011)


Electronic Tongue and Sensory Evaluation for Sensing Apple Juice Taste Attributes
Zoltán Kovács, László Sipos, Dániel Szöllsi, Zoltán Kókai, Géza Székely, and András Fekete
Sensor Lett. 9, 1273-1281 (2011)


Synthesis and Sensing Properties of SnO2 Thin Films Obtained by Condensed Vapors Deposition
M. F. Meléndrez, G. Cárdenas, C. Vargas-Hernandez, T. Andreu, and J. R. Morante
Sensor Lett. 9, 1282-1291 (2011)


Numerical and Experimental Investigation for Optimum Placement of Dielectric Sensors to/into a Damaged Structure
K. Kalkanis, G. J. Tsamasphyros, Th. K. Papathanasiou, and G. N. Kanderakis
Sensor Lett. 9, 1292-1297 (2011)


A Rapid Response Humidity Sensor Based on Poly(2,5-dimethoxyaniline)-tin Oxide Nanocomposite
Dewyani Patil and Pradip Patil
Sensor Lett. 9, 1298-1308 (2011)


Piezoresistive Slot-Cantilever Type Accelerometer Inspired from Spider's Slit Sensilla
Yancheng Wang, Deqing Mei, and Zichen Chen
Sensor Lett. 9, 1309-1315 (2011)


Selective Chemosensor Based on 7-Nitrobenzofurazan in Tripodal Structure for the Detection of Hg(II) Ions in Environmental and Cosmetic Samples
Nuriman, Bambang Kuswandi, and Willem Verboom
Sensor Lett. 9, 1316-1322 (2011)


An Amperometric Sensor for Nanomolar Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide Based on Encapsulation of Horseradish Peroxidase in Thymol Blue-Ormosil Composite
Ida Tiwari, Manorama Singh, V. S. Tripathi, G. Lakshminarayana, and Masayuki Nogami
Sensor Lett. 9, 1323-1330 (2011)


New Rhodamine-Based Colorimetric Chemosensor: Simple Synthesis and Rapid Cu2+ Detection
Junbo Li, Xianglin Yu, Xiwen Liu, Yang Gao, Yang Zeng, Qihui Hu, Jia Guo, and Zhiquan Pan
Sensor Lett. 9, 1331-1341 (2011)


Sensitivity Enhancement for LPG Detection by Employing Cadmium Oxide Doped in Nanocrystalline Polyaniline
Aashis S. Roy, Koppalkar R. Anilkumar, M. Sasikala, T. Machappa, and M. V. N. Ambika Prasad
Sensor Lett. 9, 1342-1348 (2011)


Gas Mixture Sensor Based on Polyaniline-Chloroaluminium Phthalocyanine Nanocomposite Thin Films
Mohammad E. Azim-Araghi, Mohammad J. Jafari, Samira Barhemat, and Ebrahim Karimi-Kerdabadiu
Sensor Lett. 9, 1349-1355 (2011)


Anodic Oxidation Synthesized Semiconducting Titania Nanotube Arrays for Acetone-Vapor Sensors
Yugui Zhou, Huiming Ji, Xiaolei Li, Peng Gao, Shicai Ma, and Jianjun Yu
Sensor Lett. 9, 1356-1362 (2011)


Amperometric Biosensor for the Sensitive Detection of Plasmodium falciparum Histidine Rich Protein-2 Antigen
Mukesh K. Sharma, Gauri S. Agarwal, Vepa K. Rao, Sanjay Upadhyay, Ganga P. Rai, and Rajagopalan Vijayaraghavan
Sensor Lett. 9, 1363-1369 (2011)


Amperometric Detection of Hexavalent Chromium with L-DOPA Modified Screen Printed Electrode
Suchanda Banerjee and Priyabrata Sarkar
Sensor Lett. 9, 1370-1375 (2011)


Trypsin Detection Utilizing Peptide Substrates Immobilized on PMMA Nanofibers
Craig R. Weilbaecher, Shubhra Gangopadhyay, Luis Polo-Parada, and Sheila A. Grant
Sensor Lett. 9, 1376-1381 (2011)


Design, Fabrication and Simulation of Coplanar Microheater Using Nickel Alloy for Low Temperature Gas Sensing Application
Sunipa Roy, Tanusree Majhi, Avra Kundu, C. K. Sarkar, and H. Saha
Sensor Lett. 9, 1382-1389 (2011)


Highly Selective Potentiometric Determination of Ag(I) Using 1,2,4,5-tetrakis(8-hydroxyquinolinoxymethyl)benzene Based Coated-Wire Ion-Selective Electrode
S. K. Ashok Kumar, Susheel K. Mittal, and Subodh Kumar
Sensor Lett. 9, 1390-1397 (2011)


Determination of Nitrite by Cyclic Voltammetry on the Copper-Prussian Blue Modified Platinum Disk Electrode
Yangyang Yu, Yongchun Zhu, Wei Yu, Hongbo Zhang, and Shigang Xi
Sensor Lett. 9, 1398-1402 (2011)


Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode as a Sensor for the Determination of Raloxifene Hydrochloride
Shankara S. Kalanur and J. Seetharamappa
Sensor Lett. 9, 1403-1409 (2011)


Chemiluminescence Flow Sensor with Immobilized Reagent for the Determination of Oleanolic Acid Using Luminol-Potassium Permanganate System
Lihua Chen and Xiaohui Ji
Sensor Lett. 9, 1410-1414 (2011)


Low-Cost, High Sensitivity, Signal Processing-Enhanced Fiber Bragg Grating Sensing System for Condition-Based Maintenance Application
Daniele Tosi and Guido Perrone
Sensor Lett. 9, 1415-1422 (2011)


A Novel Atenolol Sensor Based on Polypyrrole Electrode and Using Differential Pulse Voltammetry
Shaker Ebrahim, Moataz Soliman, Wagih Sadik, and Mohamed Said
Sensor Lett. 9, 1423-1429 (2011)




Excited-State Intermolecular Proton Transfer Induced "TURN ON'' Fluorescent Chemosensor for Selective Detection of PO43- Anion
Chirantan Kar, Sandeep Kumar Dey, and Gopal Das
Sensor Lett. 9, 1430-1434 (2011)

Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the 2011 Third International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation (ICMTMA 2011)
Guest Editor: Zhixiang Hou
Sensor Lett. 9, 1435 (2011)
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Design and Application of Six-Axis Force Sensor Integrated in Perceptual Foot System of Humanoid Robot
Wu Baoyuan, Shen Fei, Luo Jianfei, and Wu Zhongcheng
Sensor Lett. 9, 1436-1442 (2011)


An Information Fusion Identification Method for Multisensor Autoregressive Moving Average Signals with White Measurement Noise and Sensor Bias
Liu Jinfang and Deng Zili
Sensor Lett. 9, 1443-1447 (2011)


Multi-Sensor Space Target Orbit Forecast Data Fusion Algorithm
Li Chao, Liu Yunjiang, Yang Xiaopeng, Zhang Hengyang, and Chen Zengping
Sensor Lett. 9, 1448-1452 (2011)


The Application of Flash Memory Chip in Airplane Test Data Acquisition System
Xuehua Song, Hesheng Wu, Min Lu, Yinnan Yuan, and Meizhen Chen
Sensor Lett. 9, 1453-1457 (2011)


Impact of Fringe Effect on Measuring Accuracy of Planar Capacitive Sensors
Wen Wang, Yaohua Wen, Jianping Yu, and Zichen Chen
Sensor Lett. 9, 1458-1461 (2011)


Spectrum Multiplication of Natural Frequency for Measuring Cable Tension by Vibration Frequency Method
Lin Liu, Weimin Chen, and Peng Zhang
Sensor Lett. 9, 1462-1466 (2011)


Wireless Sensor Network Time Synchronization Design for Large Generator On-Line Monitoring
Yongming Yang, Xu Duan, and Luo Li
Sensor Lett. 9, 1467-1471 (2011)


The Way of Size Range Classification for Optical Sensor in Optical Particle Counter
Yang Juan, Bian Baomin, Wu Lixia, and Li Zhenhua
Sensor Lett. 9, 1472-1476 (2011)


Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Prediction Model of Air Inflow Velocity Under Transitional Working Condition of Gasoline Engine
Hou Zhixiang and Wei Liang
Sensor Lett. 9, 1477-1481 (2011)


Development of a Multi-Channel Time Interval Measurement for Time Standard Assembly
Shao-Hua Shi, Xiao-hui Li, Hui-Jun Zhang, and Zhi-Xiong Zhao
Sensor Lett. 9, 1482-1484 (2011)


An Intelligent Service Collaboration Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Songqiao Han and Yong Zhang
Sensor Lett. 9, 1485-1489 (2011)


Viscosity Measurement of Newtonian Liquid Based on Ultrasonic Shear Wave Using Mode Conversion
Junliang Dong and Li Cao
Sensor Lett. 9, 1490-1495 (2011)


Research on Monitoring and Early-Warning Method of Tire Risk Status Based on Multi-Sensors Data Fusion
Shiwu Li, Jingjing Tian, Wencai Sun, Linhong Wang, and Liyou Tian
Sensor Lett. 9, 1496-1500 (2011)


A Combined Key Management Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks
Qikun Zhang, Yuan Tan, Li Zhang, and Ruifang Wang
Sensor Lett. 9, 1501-1506 (2011)


Application Study on In-Situ Acoustic Measurement System of Seafloor Sediments
Dapeng Zou and Guangming Kan
Sensor Lett. 9, 1507-1510 (2011)


Photoacoustic Sensor Signal Transmission Line Model for Gas Detection in Transformer Oil
Wei-Gen Chen, Bing-Jie Liu, and Hui-Xian Huang
Sensor Lett. 9, 1511-1514 (2011)


Research on Path Planning for 7-DOF Space Manipulator to Avoid Obstacle Based on A* Algorithm
Xin Gao, Qingxuan Jia, Hanxu Sun, and Gang Chen
Sensor Lett. 9, 1515-1519 (2011)


Scheduling for the Flexible Job-Shop Problem Based on a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
JinFeng Wang and XiaoLiang Fan
Sensor Lett. 9, 1520-1525 (2011)


A Soft Sensor Based on Feature Extraction and Fuzzy-GA Modeling for Measuring Fouling in Steam Condenser
Fan Shaosheng and Gao Luping
Sensor Lett. 9, 1526-1530 (2011)


Aircraft Electrical Power Supply System Based on Short-Time Fourier Transform Detection
Xudong Shi, Chengyu Yang, Tao Jing, and Xingyu Liu
Sensor Lett. 9, 1531-1535 (2011)


An Anycast Routing Protocol Based on Transmission Collision Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks
Yun-Li Gu, Huan-Yan Qian, Xin Xu, and Jie Du
Sensor Lett. 9, 1536-1541 (2011)


Demarcation and Uncertainty of Multichannel Temperature Measurement System Based on MAX1402
Li Gui Hua, Xie Jun Wei, and Ma Xiu Shui
Sensor Lett. 9, 1542-1545 (2011)


Research on Construction of Trusted Network Based on Intrusion Tolerant Authentication Technology
Guo Ping, Zhang Hong, and Zhou Wei
Sensor Lett. 9, 1546-1550 (2011)


Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Attitude Algorithm with Gibbs Oscillation Removal in Gyro Signal Reconstruction
Fangjun Qin, Jiangning Xu, An Li, and Baiqing Hu
Sensor Lett. 9, 1551-1555 (2011)


The Counting Distribution Function of Random Signal Generated by Optical Sensor in Optical Particle Counter
Yang Juan, Bian Baomin, Wang Chunyong, Yan Zhengang, and Li Zhenhua
Sensor Lett. 9, 1556-1560 (2011)


A Hierarchical Secure Reliable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhiming Zhang, Deqiao Chen, and Changgen Jiang
Sensor Lett. 9, 1561-1565 (2011)


A k-Anycast Routing Protocol Based on Broadcast Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network
Xin Xu, Huan-Yan Qian, Yun-Li Gu, and Jie Du
Sensor Lett. 9, 1566-1570 (2011)


Research on Photoelectric Sensor Turbidity Detecting System
Shoucheng Ding and Wenhui Li
Sensor Lett. 9, 1571-1574 (2011)

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