Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 24, Issue 3, 2004


Special Issue: Nanotechnology/sub miniaturised sensors, Guest Editor Professor Neil White


Robert W. Bogue, Nanotechnology: what are the prospects for sensors? pp. 253 - 260
Keywords: Sensors; Microsensors; Assembly
Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice

Christine Connolly, Switches and pressure sensors benefit from novel composite material, pp. 261 - 264
Keywords: Microsensors; Polymers; Switchgear
Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice

Paul F. Whelan, Robert Sadleir, A visual programming environment for machine vision engineers, pp. 265 - 270
Keywords: Programming and Algorithm Theory; Visual Perception; Computer Software; Design and Development
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Prasad Dharap, Zhiling Li, Satish Nagarajaiah, Enrique V. Barrera, Flexural strain sensing using carbon nanotube film pp. 271 - 273
Keywords: Sensors; Carbon; Strain Measurement
Article Type: Wholly Theoretical

Yantao Shen; Ning Xi; King W.C. Lai; Wen J Li, A novel PVDF microforce/force rate sensor for practical applications in micromanipulation, pp. 274 - 283
Keywords: Microsensors; Assembly; Force
Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice

Javad Dargahi; Siamak Najarian, A supported membrane type sensor for medical tactile mapping, pp. 284 - 297
Keywords: Robotics; Sensors; Finite Element Analysis; Medical Equipment
Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice

Xiangyang Ju, J. Paul Siebert, Nigel J.B. McFarlane, Jiahua Wu, Robin D. Tillett, Charles Patrick Schofield, A stereo imaging system for the metric 3D recovery of porcine surface anatomy, pp. 298 - 307
Keywords: Image Processing; Livestock; Anatomy
Article Type: Theoretical with Application in Practice


B. Bhushan (Ed.), Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology,  pp. 319
Keywords: Nanotechnology; Sensors
Article Type: Review

S.P. Beeby, G. Ensel, M. Kraft, N.M. Whita, MEMS Mechanical Sensors, pp. 319 - 320
Keywords: Mems; Sensors
Article Type: Review

T. Steiner (Ed.), Semiconductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Applications, pp. 320
Keywords: Nanotechnology; Semiconductors
Article Type: Review

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