Bullet Sensor Review, Vol. 25, Issue 1, 2005


Chris Emslie, Fibre in the wind, pp. 8-9

Keywords: Stress (Materials); Fibre Optic Sensors

Article Type: Technical Paper


Brian Rooks, The vision solution to direct part mark identification, pp. 10-13

Keywords: Visual Perception; Identification; Automotive Industry

Article Type: General Review


Don Braggins, Old and new at Automatica exhibition, pp.14-16

Keywords: Robotics; Inspection; Automotive Industry; Trade Fairs

Article Type: General Review


Robert W Bogue, Endevco Corporation, pp. 17-19

Keywords: Vibration; Silicon; Sensors

Article Type: Technical Paper


Joost Lцtters, Liquid flow sensor for nano- and micro-flow ranges, pp. 20-23

Keywords: Liquid Flow; Sensors; Measurement

Article Type: General Review


Robert W. Bogue, UK start-up poised to take the fibre optic sensor market by storm, pp.24-27

Keywords: Temperature; Sensors; Fibre Optic Sensors

Article Type: Technical Paper


Robert W. Bogue, Korean researchers break fibre optic sensor distance record, pp. 28-30

Keywords: Sensors; Temperature

Article Type: Technical Paper


Robert W. Bogue, New optical airspeed sensor poised to cut airline costs, pp. 31-32

Keywords: Lasers; Sensors; Aircraft

Article Type: Technical Paper


Josй Mireles Jr., Micromachined sensor design for optical-fiber flow measurement, pp. 33-39

Keywords: Flow; Measurement; Optical Instruments

Article Type: Research Paper


Giorgio Cignolo, Franco Alasia, Andrea Capelli, Roberto Goria, Gaetano La Piana, A primary standard piston prover for measurement of very small gas flows: an update, pp. 40-45

Keywords: Calibration; Flow; Gases

Article Type: Technical Paper


J.E. Hardy, T.E. McKnight, Reducing uncertainty in low flows for bench-top wind tunnels, pp. 46-50

Keywords: Flow; Calibration; Tunnels; Velocity

Article Type: Research Paper


Ralph Benjamin, Simant Prakoonwit, 3D scanning by multiple fan beam X-ray sources and sensors, pp. 51-55

Keywords: X-Rays; Modelling; Sensors

Article Type: Research Paper


M. McSherry, C. Fitzpatrick, E. Lewis, Review of luminescent based fibre optic temperature sensors, pp. 56-62

Keywords: Fibre Optic Sensors; Temperature; Measurement

Article Type: Literature Review


A. Ahmadi; S.B.M. Beck, Development of the orifice plate with a cone swirler flow conditioner, pp. 63-68

Keywords: Flow; Measurement; Sensors

Article Type: Research Paper







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